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Using the messages

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

QUESTION: I don’t like to use the term Masters, so I will just address you as Essences. I have been reading with interest the messages on this site. I feel the information here, but I wonder why you use terms, words, expressions that are so easily understood. Why don’t you use difficult concepts for us to ponder? Your present wording appears to perpetrate and reinforce belief systems. Reading between the lines you are saying much more than appears on the surface—why don’t you just come out and say it? And lastly, why does this bother me so deeply?

ANSWER: We have been known by many names, and how we refer to ourselves you would not be able to hear, understand, or repeat. We have adopted the nom de plume Masters of the Spirit World because it allows all to know that those who participate in these messages are currently non-physical, have lived through the same experiences you now endure, have learned the lessons embedded in them, and have mastered the wisdom which precipitated the whole cycle. It by no means implies that we want to be considered as superior to you or some type of guru. So, please, feel free to refer to us as you see fit.

A belief system is one language for learning. It is the way that you see the world around you. It may come from outside—the teaching and direction of others, or from inside—feelings gathered during your lifetime. Your belief system should be constantly changing as you learn more about yourself, first the physical and then the non-physical aspects of self.

As a child your belief system seems to be mystical since you don’t understand the reasons behind most of the rules. As you reason through whether you wish to continue living by the various rules, pondering their meaning for you, some get rejected outright and others get modified to fit your lifestyle. It’s generally simplest to assess your feeling toward the ones needing the most time to understand.

We talk very plainly to people because we wish to help speed the process of enlightenment. The message that you feel beneath the message is the connection to self and to Source which occurs when awareness takes place. This goes beyond the human words into the universal feeling of all existence.

The sense of annoyance you perceive is a frustration with yourself that it has taken you so long to get the point, make the changes, connect with Source, when you now see in retrospect how easy the whole process can be. Have faith—you are not alone going through this.

Understanding the world around you

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, a few months ago I saw an intriguing documentary presenting very convincing facts and evidence that the CIA and the Republican administration in the U.S. were directly involved in planning the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and on the Pentagon. Their aim was to create an excuse to launch the war campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq and to gain control of natural resources. Also alleged was their instilling insecurity and fear in the lives of the American citizens to gain more consensus for their policies. Was the CIA and at least a part of the American administration involved in the 9/11 attacks? If so, why is only a very tiny percentage of the world population aware of that? What are the spiritual reasons for this?

ANSWER: The wonders of your current time are never-ending. It is possible for some to provide concrete evidence for whatever they choose to convince another are the “true” facts of an event. In these scenarios some of the material may actually be true, while a large portion is done for the gratification of the creator’s wish to cause panic in one form or another. At times, guilty parties will plant false evidence to divert the spotlight away from themselves. By these statements we are not confirming nor denying the impression that this program left with you. We feel it is important that all souls open to the truth they wish to accept. If there is something you need to explore to complete your life lessons, the means will be presented to you.

Most humans like to have someone to blame for their fears and their misery. Some humans need to have an explanation for everything that comes into their awareness. Souls on their spiritual path of awakening are aware of things going on around them and may inquire into factors contributing to events, but then they use all the information to evaluate how it helps with their understanding of themselves.

All interactions occurring between humans upon your planet are for the sole purpose of allowing each to learn lessons. It can be fascinating to watch the lessons others are carrying out so you may decide if it is a lesson that you wish to try at another time to see what wisdom it imparts. Using observations to feel a sense of outrage is a valid life lesson, as is direct participation in being victim or victimizer.

The fears that are with you in a lifetime are the signposts for the lessons you chose. If some incident concerning control, blame, betrayal, or other strong emotional response becomes an obsession with you, it is definitely one of your lessons. Go into your feelings surrounding that emotion and dig to where it originates within your subconscious. At that point within you is the epicenter of all energetic wisdom and understanding.

What others have said

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Last week we published a message on how to help Mother Earth and the souls currently enduring turmoil on the planet. We received several comments from readers that we feel should be shared.

“Nearly every night before going to bed, I connect to all 6 billion people on planet Earth and send them divine love, light, healing energy, and empowerment. And I ask that they awaken sooner rather than later to their own divinity. And each night, when I am doing this, I tell them a little bit about their own divine self—that they are a piece and a part of God. Unconditional love, trust, and discernment are key to their awakening. I feel that if all energy workers/holders would reach out and connect to every human being on planet Earth on a daily basis to send them unconditional love, that energy might begin to be felt across the globe. I trust that it will. With the New Energy all this is possible now.”


“Mother Earth has provided a home from our human trials for thousands of lifetimes. Most of these existences we have used and abused the planet and thought only of ourselves. If we take the time to thank her for her patience, and help her connect to the universal energy and love, I feel we can help reverse the damage done. If she is healed she will not have to take steps, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and landslides, to work on herself.”


“Mankind has always had to fight for its survival on Planet Earth because, while more evolved, it was less populated. When man became numerous, he then fought for control in the guise of land, food, and power. If the soul of man becomes awake I feel each will only need to concentrate on their own journey. If all lightworkers continue to send out unconditional love and balancing energy man will awaken and wars will cease.”

Thoughts from your fellow travelers – until next week

Love, light, and laughter,

The Masters of the Spirit World