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Conflicts on the planet

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, while the war in Iraq appears to be coming to a close, the conflict in Afghanistan seems ready to burst into flames. You see both sides of the conflict. Is there anything either side can do to create a ceasefire and start negotiations, or are we destined to fight until one side has been defeated?

ANSWER: Border wars are a way of life in a large percentage of the globe at this time. The wars all began because of ideologies, either religious, dominative, or monetary. When one person or group believes that they alone have the only true religion, they will gladly fight any detractors. When one person can command the servitude of the multitudes, he will take the opportunity. When a person or group believes they can hold the world or another group hostage by their actions, they will do so. That is the way of the Earth-bound third-dimension population and its lessons.

There is an element upon your planet that likes to fight, particularly against certain targets. Name an emotional issue, such as an interfering government, and it becomes a rallying call for your neighbor to join your conflict against that interloper. Certain mercenaries will join and fight for anyone who will pay them; to them it is just a job where they get to kill people.

Money means power to most of the world. The possession of land is a symbol of wealth. Tell people they cannot produce certain crops, opium poppies for one, and they will do anything to pursue the riches those crops bring them.

Each and every situation involves hundreds to tens of thousands of individuals all playing their part as they had chosen before they incarnated. The masses create an energy that can be felt, consciously or unconsciously, by those engaged in their drama. This energy sustains the hatred, fear, greed, fervor, whatever is powering the conflict. This pervasive energy can be shifted if enough of those caught in its grasp choose to change.

But normally hostilities do not end until the parties reach an agreement in which one party either accepts the other’s position or at least honors the beliefs of the other. In most of your recorded wars this has not occurred until there has been a resounding defeat, disposition of the dictator, or destruction of the infrastructure, allowing one party to wield the power.

We, like most of you, must just sit in the audience and watch the play unfold. In the meantime, if enough people keep their energy focused on unconditional love for the world, that energy might begin to be felt.