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Healing energy

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, there is something I have been wondering about healing: what is the difference between going to a healer and taking things into my own hands by lying down and asking my guides to do healing work on me? I have received healing from both these sources. I know every healer is different, but is there an advantage in our actually making the effort to go to a healer? What part does intention play? Have my guides healed me when I haven’t even asked?

ANSWER: Healing involves many things. The term generally refers to balancing the body from some form of dis-ease it is undergoing, or unblocking a stoppage of the flow of energy through the body. These conditions occur in your bodies for a number of reasons and the reason they occur gives you a solution to their dispersal.

When a soul chooses to come to Earth, to be in the positive/negative duality, it is with the intention to experience certain lessons. A number of these lessons entail working with unbalanced conditions to the body itself. An example would be a major illness that tests your faith in yourself and your beliefs about Source and presents complicated life situations with family and friends.

A paralysis may have been your choice to see if you could discover self-confidence and worth. You would also have to be vulnerable as a human being and be able to ask for assistance when it is needed. All of these are very important and common lessons for a soul. If you heal yourself from being paralyzed before you have experienced the desired lessons, you will have to repeat them in another way or in another life.

In such situations as the above example, healing energy may not heal what you see as the problem—the paralysis—but may aid your soul’s journey by helping you see and learn the intended lessons. When your intention is to correct a problem, healing may balance out the physical problem or help you see the energetic reason for the problem in the first place. Going further, it is then a possibility to continue on and balance out the physical problem now that you have learned your lesson.

Your question assumes that your sole lesson is using your intention to manifest a balanced body at all times. Each request, intention, and concentration on the issue has some effect but not always on what you think needs work most. Channeling in the energy can be done by the individual, multiplying the energy through a talented healer, or with assistance from guides. Guides never just step in. You may have been consulting them about another problem, the actual reason for your physical problem, and they helped with the physical balance because you no longer needed the ailment, having completed the lesson. This is where freedom of choice reigns.

The choice of rebellion

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I am worried about my daughter. As a single mother raising two children I have been severely challenged. My son is an extremely hard worker and helps out with his little sister. She just turned 18 and follows the “Goth” lifestyle. She is working full time and going to college but she is always in trouble at work and hangs with the wrong crowd. We are about to go to court for a driving-under-the-influence charge that she picked up. Is she headed to jail? What can I do to assist her?

ANSWER: Your daughter is in full rebellion against you and the society that allowed her to be raised in a split-up family. Since you have been forced to work so much to pay all the bills, your son became the man in the house and the father figure for your daughter. He, unfortunately, was absent a lot too because he started working at an early age to help make ends meet. She dearly loves him but is being told by others that since he is just her brother, she doesn’t have to obey him.

Her friends have become her family. They provide her with the rules of her life, which she happily embraced, until now. This drunk driving charge has really whipped her head around. Being handcuffed and processed by the police, and not too kindly either because of the attitude she picked up from her chosen family, has been a wake-up call to her.

Now is the time when she will be willing to listen to you about the choices that one makes in life. Comments about the proper appearance to have in court, in order to show due respect to the judge, will allow you to get her out of her Goth clothes and makeup. She does not want to spend any time in jail, but it will happen if she maintains her usual attitude of indifference to mainstream society.

This situation is an opportunity to get her into an intervention program where she can learn the rules of society’s expectations for a young lady. She is receptive to new information coming from authority figures if it will keep her out of jail. The choices she makes and the earthly punishment she incurs are completely up to her.

You have her full attention. Take this opportunity to teach her about freedom of choice. If she still chooses to show her disdain for society she will suffer the consequences with jail, community service, and probation—and losing the privilege of continuing to drive. It’s her choice.