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Being a sex slave

Friday, August 15th, 2008


Q: Masters, my fiancé wants sex several times a day, every day. He claims that he has a sexual addiction and can’t live without the physical release. I love him dearly and don’t want to leave him but his demands are just too much for me. Don’t get me wrong—I do enjoy sex, just not constantly. I long to spend time just talking and sharing about our day. What is my best course of action?

A: Your fiancé lacks confidence in himself and in the way he deals with others. He judges all in view of his sexual prowess and the way he can control you and get you to do anything that he wants. He feels powerless in the outside world, but in your home he is the acknowledged King making all the demands.

When he is in the throes of sexual release, the pleasure he experiences blots out all the fear and discomfort that exists for him the rest of the time. Who would not choose to be in control and satisfied too? He is incapable of going a whole day without using bliss to banish his ghosts. The more sex, the less he has to be confronted by the reality of his life.

You have chosen to learn this lesson to see how you can be consumed by another and not be able to make any of your own choices. If you do not take back your decision-making power you will remain a slave in this current situation. Because your fiancé will not allow himself to see why he wants to always be engaged in sex rather than experiencing life’s other learning possibilities, the only way change can occur in this circumstance is for you to make it.

Your choices are: to go along with the current state of affairs; to confront him and tell him to get help so that he understands why he hides behind sexual pleasure; to take back your power and refuse his demands unless he spends time talking and sharing with you; or to realize that you are not in a normal relationship, and that to be in one you will have to move on.  

Who we are

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


Hi! Normally we are formal in our salutation: “Dear fellow souls.” While this is a very descriptive address, and also accurate, it didn’t feel right for today’s little message, a lot of which has to do with who we are, and who we are not.

Throughout your centuries (with other channelers) we have used forms of address such as Dearly Beloved, Brethren, Little Ones, My Children—terms of endearment all, but also seeming to separate us into a different class from you. This has made it appear as if we are your protectors, your benevolent caretakers, the source of all protection and responsibility—someone to whom you can look for consolation and all of the answers needed.

You seek to learn, and that is why you listen to us. There is an expectation that those from whom you learn are wise, above reproach, and on a pedestal. However, our status regarding you is merely one of having had more experience and therefore having gleaned more wisdom, which we share in unconditional love.

With the enlightenment present on the planet at this time, we no longer see a need to exhibit the solemn, religious-based tone previously expected during our conversations with you. We do not want to be seen as superior beings who must be obeyed. In plain language, you have grown up. You don’t need to be coddled anymore. The time has come for you to assume responsibility for yourself and for your actions.

We will still be imminently accessible and ready to help you to see all the choices that you have in your life. We will still honor your freedom of choice and not make any decisions for you.

Now for our usual signature: With Love, light, and laughter. We do all for you in unconditional love, surrounded by the brightest of light so that all may be observed, and we hope you enjoy yourself on this journey and express it freely with laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World: This expresses simply that we have been where you are now and (as you will in the future) have mastered or learned the necessary lessons to become masters of this physical-life thing and have subsequently returned Home to the spirit world to enjoy eternity in wisdom-based unconditional love.

Evil forces in the world

Monday, August 11th, 2008


Q: Masters, you wrote a few weeks ago about some men playing around with a Ouija board bringing in discarnate souls who had left their bodies but had not wanted to completely leave their earthly partying ways. A friend of mine has been using a board and is now going crazy with nasty spirits somehow getting at him. Is this the same scenario or are there really spirits out there trying to get at us?

A: As we have discussed on numerous occasions, planet Earth was created to be a cauldron for experiencing lessons in the opposite of unconditional love. When Source [the Creator] envisioned this classroom, it was realized that in order to manifest energetic duality for souls whose only previous Home had been within unconditional love, negativity must be present in sufficient intensity to allow all possible situations to exist. To fulfill this purpose, Source asked a number of souls to go to Earth with the sole job of providing this negativity, which is what you call evil. These souls would not take body form but would be a pervading energy ready when needed to complete any experience.

These souls do their assignments very well. When a soul decides it wishes to learn about being possessed by another and losing all control of its life, one of these negative energies steps in to assist. When your friend used the Ouija board to invite in a companion, the energy took the request seriously and infiltrated your friend’s very being. He now shares his body with the energy of another and both of their thoughts compete within his head.

He is aware that others do not hear and see his companion, but he will not let her go. He is holding on to her and becoming more and more irrational in human terms. This is a lesson that was chosen, and only your friend can choose to terminate it.

These negative souls also provide the background energy for expansive Earth projects such as genocide, famine, and dictatorships. They do not always enter the individual bodies, but set the background stage to enable easy access for the participants to get into the mood for their actions.

Each soul has always chosen to be in its situation and may choose to exit at any time it feels it has completed its lessons.