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Life lessons

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Dear fellow souls, we wish to discuss with you something we hear from your planet so often: the phrase “Why did I choose to come and experience this horrific life lesson?” This is frequently accompanied by despair and a sense of hopelessness.

Let’s review the basics of human existence. When the soul is at Home in its purest form, it resides in total unconditional love just like the Source from which it broke off. In order to appreciate the magnificence of self, the soul may choose to come down to planet Earth into a duality where every emotion and experience has an exact opposite. Exposure to the opposite of unconditional love can awaken an appreciation of what has been lost.

To provide an example, let’s just say that you live in a land where it is hot and sunny every day. You think this is marvelous but admit that it is a bit boring to have the same monotonous weather day after day. One day you move to the South Pole with its sub-zero temperatures, winds that threaten to remove your coat, and blowing ice that obscures the sun. Then you really know what you have lost! So had you not chosen to go and experience something different on Earth, you would never fully realize the perfection of Home.

Before entering into a human shell and coming to Earth to live out a lesson, you observe all the possible things that are less than perfect. Without trying each one, though, it is just like reading something in a book but never having firsthand experience of it.

For instance, marathons fascinate you; you can read all about them and watch them, yet never take part. Do you know what it is like to run a marathon? No! Until you have done the training, run the miles, felt the exertion and exhaustion, it is merely a concept. Train for, and run a marathon and you gain the wisdom of the experience.

Human life is the only way for your soul to gain the wisdom of the knowledge that has come to you. Experience the occurrence so that you may evaluate it to know whether you want to experience it again. That is a life lesson.

Love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World