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Energies from the other side

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Q. Masters, during the holidays I invited all my ancestors, angels, guides, and other benevolent beings from our Creator who had our highest good in mind, to enter my home and be a part of our celebration. I had never had any orbs appear in photos taken in my home, but those two days I sure did. I wouldn’t have believed that they were spirits if I hadn’t felt the energy presences myself. My question is, why is there so much controversy and confusion over orbs?

A. It was very nice of you to extend a personal invitation to have those spirits who help you from the Other Side take part in your celebration. Frequently when souls are visiting somewhere on your planet, they do not take the time or energy to assume the shape of a human being. It is much easier for them just to partake as their pure energy body.

In most cases they take the shape of a sphere of swirling energy. It is very difficult for most people to see these orbs in person, but they are easily captured on a digital camera and sometimes even on film. Souls take many forms, but the most common are spheres that appear to have geometric shapes within them. Sometimes the soul will take the time to form an appearance similar to a human face. Occasionally several souls will band together and you will be able to detect several different energies within a single orb

You ask why there is so much controversy and confusion. Remember, you would not have believed it if you hadn’t felt the energy yourself. Now consider that a huge majority of the population is unable to feel energy, that the orbs are not really visible to the naked eye, and that people only believe what they can see, and you can understand why there is doubt and controversy