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Disaster deaths

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, recently we have been welcoming home large numbers of souls from their earthly domain. The majority of these transitions (deaths) has been the result of natural phenomena on your planet. Please know that all these souls had included their seemingly untimely death as a facet of their life lessons, and therefore had given prior consent to be a part of this mass exodus.

Some of these earthly disasters have been caused by the planet’s cyclical changes, and others are the result of its inhabitants’ behavior. You are entering a period of time when many of these patterns of destruction will continue, but you are able to mitigate the intensity of some energy-related events with your intentions.

The way people are reacting in these trying times is allowing the energy to formulate patterns that will help them to change the governance of many nations. Earthly disasters are also causing all humans to examine their impact on the environment and to decide whether and how to change their behavior in relation to planet Earth.

Be conscious of the energy at this time, and you will move toward the discovery of your own creative powers.

Love, light, and laughter to you.

The Masters of the Spirit World