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Animals as a food source

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I have always believed that animals were bred to serve as food for humans. When I read the blade of a channel of Saint Germain, I saw that I was mistaken, and stopped consuming animal flesh. But the question remains: what is wrong with the passage of Jesus’ multiplication of fish to feed his followers? And with Him helping fishermen on their bread? And with the father having the fatted calf killed, to commemorate the return of the prodigal son? I’m not vegan, because like egg and cheese, that’s what’s left of everything I liked the most. I am wrong? ~Luiz, Brazil

ANSWER: In a spiritual sense there is no such thing as being right or wrong because there is no duality. Choosing between a negative and positive solution to a situation is part of the learning process within the third dimension. It is the way a soul having a human experience completes their life lessons.

No one can tell you what the best way is for you to learn or to complete your life’s journey. What is perfect for one individual is disastrous for another. You are beginning to compare the writings of one alleged author with the supposed teachings of others. You cannot give one hundred percent validity to the recordings on any event of practice since they are coming through the minds of another and not the originator.

Channelings may be verbatim from the mouth of the speaker or they may be “interpreted” by the channeler to reflect the channeler’s own opinions or prejudices. A story passed down from century to century by human memory may be accurate or may be based upon a parable or belief system.

People must decide what they wish to accept as their own beliefs by using their own intuition and feelings and what they have been told and read from the beliefs of others. You have been presented with differing opinions on the purpose of farm animals. You may choose to believe either one; they are right only to the acceptance of each person. Animals are raised for consumption. To some that is inhumane and wrong, while to others it is necessary for nourishing their physical bodies. The choice is yours; neither is totally right or wrong.

The stories from the Bible were compiled for teaching purposes and not to commemorate a particular event. It is the intention behind the story that has value. Sharing, charity, forgiveness, gratitude, living life are the bases for the parables.

To learn what you came to learn – your purpose being to understand yourself as a soul and that, being a piece of Source energy, you have certain powers and abilities you may use – start relying upon yourself. When a question arises, ask: What do I feel about this? What do I truly wish to do? Start feeling and not thinking; that turns you from the decisions of others to your own journey.

Is violence a life lesson?

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, are violent acts such as murder, assault, rape etc. part of lessons and chosen before incarnation, or are they an indication that the person committing them has ignored their lessons and repressed their positive energy, turning it into anger, hate and violence instead? ~M., India

ANSWER: Everything occurring within the duality is a life lesson. Negativity only exists on Earth, so it is the only place where one might experience the hideous events you mention.

A soul chooses the various categories of experiences it desires. Generally there is not a determination of exactly what will occur – just that they want to be in control in situations involving others. If one’s journey includes all aspects of sexual activities, that might lead them to rape or sexual enslavement. If they are studying loss of control, it would contain acts of rage possibly leading to murder.

These facts are their lessons; they are not something they fall into because a gentler lesson has not been completed. All lessons are undertaken in negativity, which is why they can only be engaged in while in the duality of Earth. It is using one’s freedom of choice to move from a negative lesson into a positive love phase that shows the soul understands their journey.

An incarnate experience is taking that anger, violence, and hatred and recognizing that there is another way to live and interact with others. This is the trip through your lessons. All the negative possibilities involve the ego judgment of the human mind. It decides that it is the better, the badder, the only one who can make decisions for all. 

The knowledge of the chosen lesson is accomplished when the ego is put aside and the soul comes out and turns to loving evaluation. This can occur with any person who is truly working toward self-understanding. You can assist in this transition by sending unconditional love to all who are struggling with their work, with the intention that they might see what they are doing and choose to embrace the positive.

Exercising restraint

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, polarity is the basis of numerical mathematics, numbers are the result of binary relationships, one thing following another, and this gives rise to an infinite amount of choices, but all choices are holistic in that they must respect the numerical relationships that one chooses. I have chosen to win the lottery in the past and consciously won amounts that whilst not small, have made little difference to my life. So far, I haven’t managed to choose to win a life changing amount. My question is what key relationships am I choosing over winning a life changing amount of money and why? I know it’s not the odds, I know that probability is a choice, it is a measure of balance and stability in life which one can choose to adhere to or ignore. Why have I been choosing stability in this case? ~George, United Kingdom

ANSWER: The journey is your passion. You delight in figuring out your life lessons and using your innate powers, one of which is manifestation. As you are very cerebral, knowing and understanding the third-dimensional reasoning behind your abilities is tantamount to satisfaction. Total life-changing events would divert your journey and occupy your time attempting to employ all the newly won assets instead of finding and exploring the next challenge. You are playing at life.

You have completed all your primary life lessons and are now embarked on whims observed from the lives of others. As you have seen, balance and stability are necessary to be present in the now. You can’t be available to follow interests if you have consented to other obligations you wish to satisfy.

Your ability with numbers and producing payouts is like having savings in the bank. You let the money sit there until you have a requirement for it and then make a withdrawal. There is no need to keep it on hand before you are going to spend it.

Your stability is providing control over your life. You have no need to worry about excesses because you do not create them or allow them to exist. Life has become a game of strategies, intellectual pursuits, and successes.

As you have explained, everything is a matter of choices. You do not choose extremes because they complicate your path. You are sampling the buffet banquet instead of loading your plate with the first delicacy you see. It is up to you what happens from here on out – you can change direction at any time because of that freedom of choice.