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Why do perfect souls need hell on Earth?

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have a huge lack of understanding. If, as souls, we are perfect already why do we still need physical lives on Earth to learn something? As humans it seems to be the ego/personality who makes the choices in life – those choices are not free as far as personalities do them. What are the soul plans done for? Please, could you explain all this to us. ~Jaana, Finland

ANSWER: “Perfect” does not mean that you know what imperfect consists of. If you have always lived in a temperate climate, you do not know what it is to be caught in a freezing ice storm. Source created souls so that they could come to Earth and experience the opposite of perfection so that it might better understand its own magnificence.

It is only the essence of the soul, that part residing in the unconditional love of Source, which is perfect. Once coming into the duality of Earth, with your selected life lessons, you find yourself in as much negativity as positivity, and any recognition of perfection is not visible.

You don’t have to come; it is your choice whether or not to leave Home and experiment with gaining wisdom on Earth. Once entering into the duality, you are correct: you find that the ego is king. Negativity exists under the guise of a judgment-rich environment. It is through these choices or judgments that the soul has the ability to learn its lessons and add to the knowledge of Source and the universe.

Souls have total freedom of choice if they recognize that they do. You don’t realize you have a choice if you follow all the mandates of society and never ask yourself how you feel about an action but merely do what everyone else does. Until you can step away from always judging everything, which is the custom of mankind, you are not in a position to learn anything.

Accepting that you don’t need to judge everything is the first big insight into what perfection can be from the Earthly perspective. This may manifest as a desire to simply exist without comparing, rating, or grading yourself against anything else.

The spiritual journey is a solo affair where each soul makes its own evaluations about what they are doing and what they now understand that they didn’t before. So “buying into” society’s patterns and activities deprives one of learning that for which they came. All the choices each soul makes within the duality allows others, including Source, to see whether it is something they evaluate to be perfect or not.

Bermuda triangle and timing

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters what is the Bermuda triangle really? Where are all of those lost ships and planes? Are the people living in another dimension? (like the show LOST?) And was it their decision to leave earth that way? are the hurricanes, earth quakes, mass shootings something that I planned to live through in this lifetime to promote compassion? Or what? Tina, USA

ANSWER: The Bermuda Triangle is an urban legend. There is not even a consensus as to its alleged location except that it is in the western Atlantic Ocean roughly cornered by Bermuda, Miami, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Estimates of its size vary from 500,000 square miles to 1,500,000 square miles. This disparity further complicates recording of missing vessels because it first has to be determined if, in fact, the incident lies within the “triangle.”

This area is the most heavily traveled section of water on the planet. It is a mecca for hundreds of cruise ships year round and merchant vessels going to North and South America, as well as supply ships for all the Caribbean islands. It contains one of the most actively involved hurricane corridors in the Atlantic. There are also geological occurrences, such as methane concentrations that can erupt with gas, high winds, and even fire to disrupt the sea surface.

Yet, when official records of the various governing bodies for this area are examined, there is not a disproportionate number of incidents or disappearances in this section of ocean compared to anywhere else in the world. As a matter of fact, considering the massive amount of traffic, it is a very safe route to travel.

The natural disasters you reference have always been occurring upon the Earth. You have more information about them at this time than ever before because of the ease of travel, the monitoring of weather satellites, and the speed of reporting due to the internet. While there is an increase in the occurrence of individual mass shootings, it has just replaced the murder toll from armed conflicts.

You did choose to be on the planet at this time for a number of reasons. How you react to the things you have mentioned is completely up to you. Compassion is a judgment event and not a part of the enlightenment process. It is something you can experience to see if it will allow you to learn anything new about yourself, but in a judgment you are “comparing” the actions of others against your own. Better to seek self-love for the undertakings in which you’re involved.

Losing a child

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter died last year. A medium told me that I lost a child in a previous life as well. Why did I choose to come back to this life only to lose a child yet again? Wasn’t once enough? Did I not learn enough about grief, loss and pain the first time? Was this a contract made between my daughter and I before birth? If so, for what purpose? ~Luci, Australia

ANSWER: When you choose a life lesson there are many aspects relating to it. When you lost the child in your former life you shut yourself down completely, not working with the grief, abandonment, guilt, and self-pity. Shortly after the event you decided to join her at Home through suicide. Once there, you realized you had missed the opportunity to learn about those characteristics as you had wanted, and you chose to try to do it again – hence your current life.

You and your daughter did agree that she would be the soul to assist you in a second attempt to understand these horrific emotions. She had wanted to come for a shortened life and this fit perfectly into her plans. A soul’s agreements are generally centered around setting up a stage to be able to face what they wish to experience.

An example of once not being enough can be seen in women who marry an abuser. They finally realize they don’t have to put up with the abuse and divorce him. The only thing they know is that type of relationship, because they don’t look into any other, and end up marrying an abuser a second time. They may even repeat this a third or fourth time because they are convinced this is what marriage is all about.

When a soul is working on lessons chosen for a particular lifetime, if they don’t give themselves time to dig into the facts and try to understand their options, they will put themselves right back into the same set of facts so they might complete the chosen learning process.

Analyze the feelings that have arisen in your life. Understand that both of you are eternal souls and will always meet on the spiritual plane. Allow yourself to feel the grief, sense of abandonment, and guilt. Connect it to other factors in this and past lives so that you might fully understand how you can shape the experience to gain wisdom about this human existence.

And don’t forget to talk to your daughter, either directly or through your guides. She will be waiting for you when you have finished this life.