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Curiosity as a teacher

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my son is 9 years and recently he has become very much interested in watching crime detective web series. I believe that whatever we put our focus into that thing becomes part of our consciousness. My query is should I allow him to continue watching such serials or not? When I ask him “what do you understand” he replies he is understanding how people catch criminals strategically. ~Rima, India

ANSWER: Your son has a very quick, inquiring mind. He likes to be challenged and to figure out answers to problems. Don’t worry, he is not studying how to be a master criminal. These types of programs are the closest he can come to seeing a positive benefit to applying oneself to detection and problem solving.

His need to understand the reasoning behind someone’s actions and the excitement of following clues and catching a criminal is very motivating for him. He is interested in both the scientific and the psychological aspects of these detections – the physical and mental processes.

His curiosity would also be sated if you were to direct him toward other types of strategic games. The problem is that most of those types of games involve warfare. However, there are some that concentrate on step-by-step solving of puzzles, and these would satisfy him.

He is also good with his hands in building things. Find an area he likes such as ships, planes, space stations, buildings, or dioramas and get him involved in figuring those out. This will be more satisfying than the TV because he will then have a visual, completed project.

It is important to keep your son stimulated because if things are too easy he becomes bored. Let him help direct you to interesting things for him. Don’t worry about things being “age appropriate” because he is extremely mature for his age. He is following the path of many inventors, detectives, and scientists – always looking for the answers to their queries. Look for things that seem just a little bit too difficult for him – that is the challenge he craves.


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, how can one explain the prophecies of Nostradamus, whose spiritual vision anticipated innumerable world events. Today, we can only understand their messages after the events. How could it be possible to take advantage of the anticipated vision of the prophet? ~Duda, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a cult following concerning the interpretation of the books attributed to the man known as Nostradamus. Historical archivists have proven that there are literally hundreds of different versions of the work supposedly written by him, each “translated” by a different individual. He used archaic French plus Latin, Greek, and many other languages and literary techniques. A large portion of his ten books of prophecy contained material previously found in the writings of other prophets of the time period. Because of this conglomeration of material, “interpretations” have to be made in order for them to be understood in the language of the present time.

As you point out, only after an event can a believer allegedly substantiate a prophecy by the interpretation they give to the prose from the selected translation. In his day, Nostradamus, who referred to himself as a physician even though he was thrown out of physician’s training for engaging in practices forbidden to medical personnel, claimed to treat people using astrology and other techniques. He was constantly called to task for misinterpretations from many experts in the various fields.

While Nostradamus was sincere in his work, he did not have the training necessary to be an expert. He took material for his writings from poets, scientists, and other seers of the time. He was not a spiritual seeker. His background was Judaism and Catholicism. He constantly thought he was going to be persecuted for his prognostications.

The followers of today who attribute accurate forecasts to him need to supply a different set of translations to each of his four-line verses. Even within the same page one is unable to apply the same constructive language to consecutive verses. To use these writings (whichever version you select) to forecast the future, you would have to infer that something will happen based upon something ongoing in the world. Then you would have to change the facts as time elapses, something that is occurring with today’s use of these writings.

What good is negativity?

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, why are some people born on a lower energy spectrum indicated by the desire to hurt others? Is it purely psychological or from patterns of many lifetimes? Also, I feel negative and mean sometimes. How can I get out of those patterns and shift into higher consciousness so eventually I can let go of anger, sadness, and fear? Do I need these emotions to expand or should I just let them go and focus on my soul essence when they come up? I’ve seen them as a teacher but don’t want to get stuck in the lesson. ~Sheya, United States

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth because it is the only place where there is negativity, the only location in which to feel hatred and to rejoice in harming another person. Before entering into the arena, the soul has first chosen those events centered in negativity they desire to experience. It generally has nothing to do with what they have gone through in past lives, nor is it a purely psychological exercise.

Every soul creates their own reality by deciding those things in which they wish to be engaged. Through freedom of choice, they may then learn the lessons involved by removing themselves from the negativity and choosing to be positive and loving.

When you find anger and sadness overtaking you, you can give in to it or choose to push it aside and think only of happiness and love. Just as when it is raining you can curse the weather or rejoice in how the air is cleansed and the flowers are allowed to grow, the choices are yours.

Fear is something different. Fear and doubts are the signposts that accompany the lessons you set up for your life. They tell you to look carefully and determine why those emotions are present and how you can exchange that sort of reaction for one of understanding. If you just push fear away, you are not handling the lesson and it will return until you give it attention.

Asking your unconscious, your higher self, to assist you in dealing with the fears will pinpoint for you the underlying cause. This cause is the lesson. You will not get stuck in the lesson if you face it and take it apart piece by piece until you understand why it is present.

Some souls choose to have a mostly negative life, but they shouldn’t affect you. Nothing can impact you unless you permit yourself to engage with it. You are here for your own learning and no one else’s. Let others deal with their negativity without judgment, and work on bringing yourself into unconditional love.