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Choices, no predestination

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I was told by a psychic I would move to NSW and find a job but it’s too far away. I want to be with my family. But there are zero jobs going here in the animal industry. The only jobs deserve a license which I do not have. Will I get to stay here with my family? Will I find my job here working with animals? ~Emma, Australia

ANSWER: Whatever you have been told is advisory only. No one’s future is predestined; everyone has freedom of choice. Information received from psychic connections is an indication of what is settled for that moment and not necessarily what will happen in the future. Whenever you are involved in a situation that can be affected by more than just yourself, it can change if any of those involved changes their mind about anything.

The psychic was picking up on your frustration concerning a job, heard that there were opportunities in New South Wales, and therefore assumed you would wish to go where employment was more certain. Your lack of immediate response to her reading made her feel it was in line with your desires. But the choice of what you do is always up to you alone. There are available positions in that area that do not require that much education.

Wanting to do a particular job isn’t always possible just because you want it to be. You know that you don’t have the necessary training, so one thing that you can do is get some more training. Look for an apprenticeship, some online courses, or a school program toward licensure. It’s like wanting to be a teacher but never going to get the required learning. Things will not be handed to you without your putting in some effort.

There are jobs around you, so that you can stay where you are, if you get the training needed. It all depends on how badly you want to be in the animal care field. Investigate other animal-related things like dog sitting or walking, working with animals on a farm or university, or assisting with breeding programs. Don’t limit yourself to what you have already explored – think outside the box.

Control issues and honoring self

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend, she passed through hard times and I helped her a lot, today she is fine and we feel we are very much connected, we are fine but sometimes I feel this connection is like a prison, like I could not be freed from this friendship. Something bothers me inside about this friendship. I really don’t know why it happens and why I feel so bad in noticed I can’t have a normal life because I feel stuck in this friendship. I feel so bothered with it and I can’t be strong enough to end it if it is not so good to me. ~Luciana, Brazil

ANSWER: You have given all your power to this “friend” and she has taken total advantage of you. You have gotten her so spoiled that she thinks all she has to do is ask something and you will respond without thinking. This is happening only because you are allowing it to happen.

You are finally sensing that this is not something you want to continue, but you have gotten into such a pattern that you feel you cannot stop being the servant slave. What you are saying to her, and to yourself, is that she is more important to you than your own desires and needs, and you are giving her control of you.

Do you feel she is more deserving than you? If so, why? If not, why are you still allowing her to dictate to you? This is all about how you see yourself. You desperately want to be loved, and you felt that if you took care of her she would need you and you would feel complete. Instead, you have given up your life for hers.

To change the situation, you need to take back your life. That does not mean that you cannot help her occasionally. It only means that you should assist her only when you truly want to give your time to her.

When you first stop being her doormat, she will be upset because she no longer will control every aspect of your life. But keep asking yourself if you really want to do as she asks. If the answer is no, tell her you do not feel you can do what she wants at this time and then walk away. Gradually she will stop trying to control you.

Shaped by the past

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my spouse is very loving and a tender lover but our problem is that he cannot get physical satisfaction without imaging me making love with someone else. I feel very sad and hurt about it because I am quite romantic woman. He tells me that he has always had this problem. Why is he like that? Has he had some experiences in some previous life that has made him to be like he is. He says that he loves me but he also says that he would be very excited if he would find out that I had made love to some other man. I feel very hurt about thoughts like that. Is there a way to solve this problem? ~Maria, Finland

ANSWER: Your husband suffers from a lack of self-confidence and worth. He feels he does not deserve you but can vicariously get satisfaction by being a voyeur watching you with someone else. This is a continuing problem from past and current lives.

In a past life he was disfigured and no woman would let him touch her. He set up a watching position where he could observe women being pleasured in a whorehouse he owned, and that was the only satisfaction he received. In this life, his subconscious imagines he is repugnant to you and therefore he envisions a replacement that would better suit you as a lover.

He will not be able to change unless he confronts these beliefs he has so ingrained within him. A good start would be revisiting his past life through hypnosis and realizing that he is not the person he was in that life. Exploring his problems with confidence issues and self-worth will also allow him to see his beliefs in a different light.

Do not think that he has any idea how severely his actions are affecting you. He would never consciously do anything to cause you discomfort, but he is unable to be comfortable in a normal relationship. He can understand all the implications of his wayward beliefs if you talk to him and help him get a realistic idea of his actions.