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Scientific knowledge and spiritual growth

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I have been exposed to some of the teachings of Ageless Wisdom and esoteric philosophy as well as astrology. Can you give insight into these teachings and the understanding of astrology in today’s world? ~Karen, USA

ANSWER: You are a soul who has chosen to incarnate on the physical plane. Your physical body, being composed mostly of water, is affected by the movements of the planets throughout the solar system. Like a piece of wood in the ocean, you can let yourself be completely influenced by the movement or you can swim or paddle away from where it is pushing you.

The influence of the planets at the time of your birth is twofold. First you have what most people plot, which is the exact time and place of the body entering into the world from inside the mother. But a second, also important, time is when the sperm joins the egg and begins to divide. Again, the planetary impacts are suggestions that can be followed or totally disregarded, and choices can be made to go a different path.

Some of the characteristics that seem to dominate within an astrological sign may be part of the lessons chosen by the soul to see if they understand and learn from the situation. Tendencies toward passionate domination may be a lesson in control; ultra-sensitivity may be experimentation with intuitive abilities; dealing with material goods as a trait allows a stage for seeing if you can let go of ego and turn to love.

Nothing overrules the soul’s freedom of choice. You come to Earth to learn and you have plenty of material assisting you. The Ageless Wisdom and esoteric philosophy deal more with the human experience the soul is having than with the spiritual journey the soul is undertaking. All the reports are from the perspective of a living human and how the various phases such as birth, death, and reincarnation can be interpreted by a human.

The spiritual aspect of the soul is energetic, eternal, and unconditionally loving. The human experience is dealing with negativity and finding ways to turn a negative event into a positive, loving one. Both Ageless Wisdom and esoteric philosophy contributed to the formation of organized religions so that the person didn’t have to take responsibility for their actions but just follow the leader.

This type of activity prevents people from divorcing themselves from the doctrine of thinking and, using their freedom of choice, going into their unconscious connection to their soul and “feeling” their way to the answers. Everyone creates their own reality, so nothing is right or wrong. Use what resonates with you to find your truth, but don’t be afraid to change it if it no longer feels “right.”

Suicide pact

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters what happens when two people decide to commit suicide together? Do each continue to pass to his/her respective realm where the individual’s frequency matches? Do the souls undergo their transition together since the underlying reason would be to remain united in the afterlife? There is limited literature available in this area as such. ~Anonymous, New Zealand

ANSWER: There is limited literature because few have ever talked to souls after they have undergone such a transition. When souls decide to disengage from their human shell and go back to their essential energetic form, they return to their point of origin, or the unconditional love of Source energy, though they do have the option, after jumping out of their bodies, to remain in the duality of the planet until they allow themselves to return Home.

All souls are from the same Source, vibration, realm, whatever you wish to call it. Two souls from Earth could choose to immediately go to Source or to stay somewhere in between to try to accomplish something they were unable to do in their human existence. They may maintain memories of why they are there or not. Without a body, they would not have their emotions, sensations, or the ability to touch anything physical.

Once out of their human container, the life they lived on Earth means nothing to them but lessons experienced and possibly learned. Lovers, family, friends, and enemies are all looked at the same – just other souls who have also spent time seeing if they can learn about their powers and abilities while in human form. A pact made on Earth is a physical thing and not binding on the soul.

If the souls chose to leave to redo what they felt they were unable to do in that lifetime, they would probably return and start all over again. However, it would be rare for them to do it with each other because the union may have been what caused them not to succeed with their lessons.

Earthly doubts and fears point to the lessons you desired to learn. If you find them overwhelming, it is time to tear into them and find out what is at the bottom of the problem. Each soul is on a singular journey that only that soul, without any connection with another, can decipher.

But, in the spiritual sense, there is no right or wrong way to handle a human existence. Before doing anything else, get out of your head, disregard the thoughts of others, and see how your intended actions “feel” to you.

Confused and afraid

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, how can I overcome what happened to me over the past few years? How can I overcome my suicide attempt and spiritual obsession to start over and sustain my light? Everything is so confused…on my divine purpose and my mediumship, healing song and reiki, my singing, on my connection with nature, crystals, white fraternity and violet flame. Am I a lightworker? Or just a selfish, lazy manipulative trickster? How to eliminate recurring negative patterns in my life? How can I definitively no longer allow myself to be so vulnerable to the spiritual negative energies of others or the collective consciousness? I feel that everything is always in the Divine Order, even my impatience and my arrogance…all learning. I know that I am responsible for my reality and only I can change it, but I need help. Can you please give me the guidance more insightful as possible? ~Cris, Brazil

ANSWER: Get off your “poor me” platform and evaluate where you are. You have many talents and abilities, but you always want someone to tell you how good you are instead of just doing something because it feels good to you. You look to others for guidance and direction so you can say it was their idea when things don’t go as you would like. It is time to start taking responsibility for your actions.

You pick up on trends that others are following because you want to be accepted. It is easy to get caught in the negativity of others because you cling so closely to them that you cannot miss being included in the negativity when they wallow in misery. This is not being vulnerable because you seek to learn – this is getting caught on the firing line because you don’t want to miss anything.

You could be a lightworker if you were making your own choices instead of hanging on to others. You need to work at getting rid of your ego dependence on praise from others – what you call your arrogance. Other lessons include patience, starting to rely on your intuition, not being so lazy and manipulative, and accepting responsibility by exercising your freedom of choice.

You know that you create your own reality, but you don’t work at it. Start with affirmations concerning becoming independent of others’ advice. Visualize how you want to behave in your reality, what you seek to accomplish. Live only in the moment with what is observable with your own eyes. Be your own soul.