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Sex, love, and appropriateness

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am conflicted about the appropriate expression of sexuality: in what circumstances it is appropriate, to what extent it is a justifiable end in itself and the correct relationship between love and sex. We are living in a time of increasing sexual freedom and whilst this seems to offer a type of guilt-free fulfilment I am also concerned that this sort of ‘easy sex’ is empty and not a valid expression of our real sexual selves. (You may note that I am struggling to express this adequately which perhaps indicates my confusion.) Partly this has arisen from a recent association with a woman (there was no sexual relationship) who has a very different attitude from mine. I am caught between despising her approach (which you may tell me I shouldn’t because that’s judgmental) and envying it because of the apparent freedom it offers. ~John, UK

ANSWER: Your confusion comes from trying to rationalize, and then justify, what you have accepted as belief systems for yourself as compared to those of society and of people who want to experience everything they know is possible while enjoying their human stay. You are an energetic soul spending a human lifetime in a body replete with physical sensors that give the soul an opportunity to gain knowledge of human sexuality.

Each soul is pure energy and has no sex such as is seen in humans – no males and no females – yet it must choose a sex in order to come to Earth. The soul has no physical devices that register a body’s orgasms or emotional highs and lows, but it can feel the reactions occurring within its body. The romantic love that some humans see as a needed element of a human relationship is merely a lesson that many souls come to learn on Earth; it has nothing to do with the sex act.

You got your current beliefs from growing up with the beliefs of parents, associates, religious organizations, and your own interpretation of what makes a moral individual. They are not right or wrong, and neither are the beliefs held by those preaching free love. Their actions are practiced in order to feel the sensations that only a body can provide. For some, sexual release is the ultimate way to unwind and experience pleasure, even if just as a one-night stand or casual meet-up. This is not against any spiritual principle.

Every soul has the freedom to choose the things they feel are right for their life. If there are childhood beliefs that make you feel comfortable, and they are in conflict with new desires, you have the ability to keep them intact or to rewrite them in order to try new things. The choice is always yours. You came to Earth to experience things that can only be accessed through the human nervous system and physical condition. You determine what is appropriate for your life lessons.

Getting to know “you”

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters instead of asking you all the questions I have written down (that seem to be from an ‘I’ perspective and personal only to ‘me’), how can I clearly and resolutely answer my own questions? I often feel conflicted about my own intuition/answers and feel better when they are validated. How can I be clear about my life’s path, without the need for confirmation? ~Aimee, USA

ANSWER: You, as all human beings, spent many years under the tutelage of older people. You looked to them for validation of your ability to comply with what they wanted you to do. You always felt comfortable when you didn’t have to take responsibility for your own actions without guidance from them. Well, baby, they aren’t around anymore, unless you solicit their advice.

As you began your personal journey, you had some sense of having freedom of choice to change the way you saw the lessons that were imposed upon you. Yet, wanting to “only do what is right,” you also wanted the guidance to continue. Despite your desire to be in control of your life, you still want direction from others because then you know you will never be wrong. And you will have someone else to blame if things don’t turn out as you expected.

Control is an illusion because it only relates to the actions that you take – you have no control over how another will react to what you do. You cannot predict the outcome because you haven’t made the choices yet as to the path you may learn from the most.

The difficulty you are having with your intuition is your ego mind coming in and making judgments about what is happening in your life. You are over-analyzing the possibilities based on things you have seen or been told. Step away from the expectations and let your intuition guide you toward what feels like the appropriate course of action for you.

Know that each soul calls to itself what it needs to experience. You are always in the right place at the right time to work on your life lessons. As we like to say, let go, trust in your unconscious self (your soul), enter the flow of life, and just see what it is you desire to experience.

Letting others make your decisions

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters a psychic told me that I have a major health issue as my energy body seems hollow. I feel good and my blood tests also look good. She also told me that I don’t have it in my stars to make much money. Most of what I get will be inheritance. I won’t be very successful in business. Is this true? I have always wanted to make and do something big on my own and so wondering and worried. ~Rd, India

ANSWER: Take a good look at what you are saying. You have accepted the words of a woman about things that don’t even make sense. You were told you have a major physical condition that is not apparent to any of the medical experts, and you don’t display any issues. A total fear has been created by this woman with no evidence of any proof that a problem exists. What most people refer to as the energy body is the soul. A body without a soul ceases to exist; therefore, you have your essence within you, not a hollow space.

Astrology, or using the positioning of the planets at the time of birth or conception, does not determine a body’s life. It merely shows what energies were/are present and, if the person does nothing to change the effects of those energies, how they will perform. But – and a big but it is – each soul has freedom of choice. You can take and believe only the characteristics the charts report, or use your creative abilities to bring to yourself what you desire.

How you see yourself is the determining factor. If you see yourself as a failure, then you are condemned. If you see and believe you are a success, and put in the necessary work, you will accomplish your dreams. You are the director of your life by creating the beliefs by which you want to live. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Find out who you are by manifesting what you came to Earth to do.