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BIID (Body integrity identity disorder)

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I did a psychology paper on BIID and have a theory behind it but would love to know what you think. It’s when the mapping of a person’s body in their brain doesn’t match their physical body, like the opposite of phantom pain. They know it’s healthy but still feel like they would be more complete with an appendage or an ability like sight, gone. I feel they were an amputee in a past life and their energy in that area dispersed and is no longer in that area of their body so they feel it should not physically be there. ~Megan, USA

ANSWER: For those who may not be familiar with BIID, the condition can lead to people’s voluntarily having a body part amputated because they feel they would be better off without it. Or they might feel they should be blind, so they have their eyes removed.

Your supposition is right, but only in under twenty percent of the cases. All these souls are dealing with life lessons they chose, but few of the urges are continuations from a past life.

The past-life carryovers generally result from not completing a lesson surrounding a birth or the accidental loss of a body part – understanding why it happened; letting go of the anger, grief, and guilt; and learning not to lean on the condition to get what is wanted from others.

Examples of lessons not from past lives could be: an involvement with shaping self-image, a need to be a victim, an excuse for not being able to perform in a normal manner, a test of ingenuity, a desire to feel total dependence or lack of control, wanting to be different or distinctive, or even a feeling that the targeted limb is interfering with the progress of the body through its life cycle.

Most of these people become fanatically convinced they have no other choice than to rid themselves of this evil appendage. They amputate and then proudly display their “stump.” Sympathy is one of the sought-after reactions; they of course never disclose to sympathizers that there was nothing wrong with the missing part.

For many this desire is as strong as a physical addiction to nicotine, drugs, or food. It is a mental and emotional compulsion that blocks out all rational thoughts until it is acted upon. Most have no control over the intensity of the urge and can do nothing concrete to change their actions.

Transgender urges

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, since last year, I’ve made friendships with transgender people who never liked their body, and then started to change it. What is the reason of transsexuality in your vision? Could you explain to me why a transgender person wants to change his/her body? ~Vinicius, Brazil

ANSWER: These people are trying to find happiness. They don’t identify with the exterior sex of the body into which they were born. Some have an abundance of the hormones associated with their opposite sex. Others believe themselves to be homosexual but classify their feelings and behavior as being closer to those of their opposite sex and feel justified in becoming that sex.

Their decision to change bodies has to do with who they think they are. If you are in a male body and your dreams, ambitions, and inner feelings all say to you that you are really female, you will do whatever it takes to unite your conflicting images into a single form.

Their transformation generally starts small, with changing their clothing and hair style, adjusting their voice range, and finding others who are going through the same issues – or at least don’t condemn them for their choices.

All these concerns are chosen life lessons. Many are finding and identifying the power within and using it to be who they desire to be in this lifetime. Every soul has been both male and female in prior incarnations. Those who are carrying over unfinished, sexually connected lessons from a prior life will seek to be that sex to complete their work.

Remember, in a spiritual sense, nothing is right or wrong – everything is merely learning life lessons. All souls have total freedom of choice to tackle the tests that they feel are necessary to complete their mission in life. Don’t judge or try to figure out another’s motives. Spend your time working on your own lessons.

Spiritual presence

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, a couple of weeks ago my friend and I took a picture in a cemetery with a lot of orbs and white smoke like substance. Also, I’m hearing frequently in my home this bright bell-like sound, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter. What are these things telling me? ~Tiia, Finland

ANSWER: Mostly the message that is coming across is “hello.” Once souls are no longer incarnate (in a body), they sometimes still like to make contact with people who are physical. It may be people they knew or people who are open to the possibility and therefore allow themselves to “see” the images.

It is quite difficult for most souls to produce a physical body while in nonphysical form, particularly if they have just recently left the heavier atmosphere of the Earth (died). It is possible for them to vibrate the air and cause shadowy appearances using dust and other particles present. After a while they can generate a hazy, cloudlike substance on their own.

Agitation of air can sometimes form solid masses, such as a wave appearing in the water from wind and surface movement. It is easier for a soul to vibrate something that will produce sound upon movement, so sounds are a common way to communicate. Everything is composed of energy, and energy is everywhere. Stimulating energy activates waves of vibration, which can be perceived by the human ear whether or not a physical substance is involved.

Souls who do not currently inhabit a body are everywhere. When they concentrate their essence, it frequently can be seen as an orb or spherical shape. It may even be possible to see the impression of facial features within. The more souls practice, the more they can let you know they are there. They love being recognized.

The progress of expertise in spiritual/human interaction was demonstrated with a great degree of truth in the 1990 movie Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. Give it a look.

If you wish to increase your viewing, let the spirits know you enjoy their contact. It is also possible to ask them questions that can be answered in a yes-or-no format. Ask what their indication for “yes” is and what represents “no.” Then put forth a question and see what happens.