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Seeing with the soul

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters Insights into the inner & outer workings of the creation of the Pantheon please . How was the architect inspired? What types of inspiration did Source want occurring to all who have since been in it? It is a building built around a perfect sphere. It is a work of love in my mind’s eye: exquisite in planning & execution. Rain evaporates before it hits the floor. Constant movement as one gazes around the space. ~Margaret, USA

ANSWER: During the phases of the creation of the Pantheon, the architects were requested to build a tribute to the gods and champions of the times, and a space where the owner could feel he was in their presence and one of them. The builders were cognizant of the spiritual energy that some perceived as beauty, others as connection to the universe, and still others as communication of the physical and nonphysical worlds. Source had no part in the construction except for providing the initiation of the souls who manifested the completed edifice.

It is much more powerful today in its simplicity, since the removal of the adornments and decorations of its inception. They were a distraction to those who wished to “feel” the innate power the shape generated. The building’s influence arises from its structure. The representation of the magnificent energy of Source, as exemplified by the spherical masterpiece, reflects the communion of physical and spiritual: a union, a togetherness.

The complexity of design creates – for the eye and the energetic sensation of those aware of it – a transformational space, transcending the Earth and rising up into the heavens as the transition of time and seasons outside plays out within. It is a motion picture diorama of the heavens’ influence on the physical planet.

Those who reach out to embrace all that the Pantheon can teach about life will be well educated in spiritual and physical mastery. Others, to their loss, will see it simply as an interesting, ancient building with a hole in the center of its ceiling allowing odd shadow patterns during the days and seasons.

Higher self – essence of soul

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters My mother has full blown Alzheimer’s. Several mediums have brought my mother through, particularly a reading I had a few months ago. She had much to say. Whilst I understand that people who have dementia can spend time in spirit, I’m curious because obviously her physical body is still on the earth plane. So, does everyone have the ability to be in spirit this way and it is their mind / body that doesn’t enable them to or if they astral travel, they don’t remember it? What is it about Alzheimer’s people that allows their mind/soul to be in spirit – but people without the disease aren’t able to do this? ~Lynnie, U.K.

ANSWER: Humans are souls having a physical experience. Their souls are never completely contained within their physical shell; there is always a part that is connected to the rest of the souls in the universe, and aspects of themselves that are continuing other projects they have undertaken.

On a physical level, the human consciousness is what people believe is the sum total of the “person” they know as the one inhabiting a particular body. Consciously functioning humans restrict access to their soul to what can be reached through the normal channels of communication with the human body.

There is always an aspect – generally called the Higher Self – of the soul of which the conscious mind is mostly unaware. This area contains the recordings of everything in which that soul has ever engaged. Unless the human reaches into it in hypnosis or deep meditation, it is a shadow not recognized.

When the normal human consciousness is non-functional (coma) or disconnected (Alzheimer’s disease), the Higher Self is still reachable on the spiritual plane. The soul has to give permission for this to occur. One wishing to communicate asks the soul if it desires to use this channel as a means of letting those around know the status of the human body. Some deny access because of life lessons between them and the would-be communicator.

Every soul has the ability to travel throughout the universe at any time. Whether or not its consciousness accepts this as a possibility plays a large part in what is “remembered” when the conscious parts of the mind retake control. One may practice connecting with their Higher Self in meditation and hypnosis to establish a pattern of behavior.

Clarity and discernment

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I am in a relationship with a person who is genuine and very loving. I love them but I don’t believe they are necessarily from the same soul group as me and feel there is more I could be doing to appreciate them for the person they are. Recently, I met someone who I believe is a very intimate member from my soul group. I feel very drawn to this person and can’t stop thinking about them. I absolutely refuse to do something that will hurt my partner though, even if that means I can’t have things the way I want them. What agreements and lessons did we all choose to learn from this situation? Do I simply need a kick up the pants? I’d appreciate your guidance. Thanks for everything you’ve taught me already through this service. ~David, Australia

ANSWER: Most of the time when deciding on a partner with and from whom you wish to learn, you do not choose a soul mate. You “know” your soul mates at an energetic level that extends beyond the duality of the positive/negative Earth plane, and therefore interactions take place without a conscious learning aspect to them. No freedom of choice is needed because you just exist.

During this lifetime you wanted to experience different facets of human relationships, exploring the reaction of others to your actions and the stimulants needed to bond to another. You chose to practice with someone of whom you did not have intimate foreknowledge – i.e., not a soul mate.

Your soul mate, on the other hand, is an easy person to be with since a large portion of human interaction is built into your contacts. It is like enjoying a vacation where no work is necessary. This is the crème da la crème of human relations. But no decisions are made and nothing is learned.

Nothing is right or wrong in a spiritual sense. You may do as you choose. This situation has appeared for you to learn about spiritual clarity and discernment. In comparing the two, you can observe the difference in the need to engage in a dissimilar set of interactions to maintain a unified, loving, cooperative status with each person. Discernment then enters your life for you to decide what it is you wish to make of this situation. Where will you go, and what will you do?