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Kundalini energy problems

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I became initiated by an Indian spiritual “Guru”. A few years later I realized it was a mistake and that I disconnected from my own essence out of fear. Now, I am trying to regain myself, but am feeling lost because of the rising kundalini energy that got opened up in me doesn’t seem to allow me to be present in my body. Is this something that I can heal in this life, or must I endure the consequences for the rest of this incarnation? I miss myself. I am very sad, anxious and fearful now. I never used to feel this way. ~Michael, United States

ANSWER: Raising your Kundalini, the central energy line within the physical body, makes it easy to connect with all the nonphysical aspects of your soul. If you do not take care to directly control the stream of energy, it can take over your conscious mind – making you susceptible to any energy source around, from inside and outside. Spending time “floating” around in the ether is like being constantly on a psychedelic drug that prevents you from being grounded in the physical reality. This gives you the sense of disconnection from your body.

You are still connected with your essence in that you are your essence; that is, you are a soul having a human experience. Your soul never disconnects from the lives it has chosen. You have lost your way because you sense you can have no control over your destiny with your Kundalini open. That is not the case. You can learn to control the energy and use it for spiritual growth.

The process of reconnecting to your sanity, or feeling a part of the physical world again, is re-evaluating what you know and what you believe. You have stepped into a very powerful sports car and have pushed the accelerator all the way to the floor – you need to learn to control the speed to a manageable degree.

First step is recognizing who you are as a soul. You are a piece of Source energy and have all the same powers and abilities. When you accept that as true, you can then start to use those powers to create the human life you desire. In a meditative state, take each one of the out-of-control issues in your life and examine it. Understand why you fear it, and know that you are the one holding it to you and that it can be released.

Release each hindrance in your life and gather strength and wisdom from your soul through the Kundalini. Attack each unhappy, negative thought as soon as it appears, and tell it that you do not need it. You draw to yourself those things you need or wish to experience for your growth. Once you learn from them, you can send them packing.

Listening to another

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters my Mother has been suffering for a year because of a neighbor who has decided that she hasn’t the right to be happy. It began when my mother found a boyfriend. What can she do to stop this person? It is very difficult for me and my brother because we don’t know what to do. Is it karma? ~L., Portugal

ANSWER: Every soul creates its own reality. If you do not believe something can hurt you, it generally will have no effect on you. Your mother’s neighbor is jealous of her, particularly concerning her new boyfriend and the fact he makes your mother very happy. The neighbor tried flirting with him, and he saw only your mother. So the neighbor, who is always negative, sent as much negativity and animosity toward your mother as possible.

Your mother is a very caring, sharing person. She tried to console her neighbor at first, but then the woman heaped insults, accusations, and fear upon your mother. She has given your mother the impression that she can curse her and interfere with her life. She has no supernatural power, just a very big mouth and a hyperactive imagination.

This woman, in addition to being jealous, is also very lonely and unhappy with her life. She lives in negativity and thinks everyone else should as well. Your mother needs to cut off all contact with her because she will never be able to help this unfortunate woman. If your mother does not listen to her or respond to her ranting, she will eventually get tired and move on to someone else.

All this negative energy generated by the neighbor will remain in the area until it is replaced by something else. Have your family and friends gather and share their love for each other and the lives they have chosen. Have them send unconditionally loving energy to the environment, and it will chase away the negativity. Burning candles and incense will also alter the area.

Have your mother ignore the neighbor and spend time on creating the feelings of love and joy she desires.

Chemtrails and contrails

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for helping us. Every day I look up and I see chemtrails criss-crossing in the sky. It is usually around the same time of day. And I’ve had such allergies this year along with the weird weather. What are they trying to do to us? Kill humans by destroying the environment or help us? ~Drew, USA

ANSWER: Most of what you are observing are contrails from the passage of aircraft at very high altitudes where ice crystals form with the introduction of any kind of moisture. You see them at the same time each day because of the airline schedules.

Chemtrails are chemical particles released into the atmosphere with the hope of changing or affecting the environment. They are used in an attempt to bring rain to drought-ridden areas and to siphon off energy from building storms to prevent disasters. In science-fiction articles and fear-monger blogs, you are being told they are used to destroy one’s enemy and create a chemical warfare.

Weather is cyclic, and with it the growth of pollen and pollutants is affecting everyone. This is all happening on the planet and not high up in the air. The exhaust from combustion engines burning fossil fuels is causing health hazards for all humans. Until more of your society gives up its treasured benefits and toys to preserve the planet, it will be constantly chipped away.

Use the universal energy to help clear the pollutants out of your system and restore a balance in your body. You can do this in a meditation of deep relaxation. Think about cycling in pure, clear, healing energy and expelling all polluted, negative, irritation into the air. You might also try surrounding yourself with white, sticky energy to catch all the inflammatory substances before they enter your system.