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What has happened to me

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I met a man a year ago from turkey and had an instance connection. I’ve never felt like this before. It feels like he is a part of me. The situation in turkey is becoming dangerous and his chances of making it out are pretty slim. Last week I was planning a trip to go see him and he called to tell me that it was over between us. My heart was broken and I felt more pain than I ever felt in my life. I love him too much and I know that he loves me too. No matter what his decision is, I feel like I have to respect it. I just want him to be safe and happy. My question to you is, who is this man and what was this relationship all about? Is he a soulmate, a twin flame or some kind of crazy infatuation? ~Danielle, Canada

ANSWER: This whole meeting was about feeling who you are and what is important to you. You have a connection with this man because he is a soul mate of yours and you have shared a number of lives before. This is powering the intensity of the feelings you perceive. He is not your twin flame.

He desperately was looking for a way to leave Turkey and be able to live in another country. You seemed to present that ability for him. While he has some feelings for you, he does not love you to the extent to which you love him and crave his             attention. He has found other possible ways to be safe that do not involve having to move very far or get married.

He did not mean to hurt you because he is aware of the intensity of your feelings, but he senses you are much too infatuated with him and not looking at the practical aspects of your relationship. His only true concern at this time is himself.

You had created a dream life between the two of you without really knowing who he was; you were ready to change your whole existence to assist him. This situation came to you to show you that there are men out there to whom you can become attached.

You want a relationship so badly you are willing to sacrifice anything to get one. Honor yourself for the beautiful person you are – you are as important as any partner you might seek. Don’t surrender your life for that of another. Love yourself more, and then you will draw to you a person who is attracted to that love and will share it with you.

Age doesn’t create problems, beliefs do

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

QUESTION:  Masters, I know that I’m an old soul and I have some difficulties in dealing with time, can not meet deadlines, work and accumulation studies, feel confused with the realities now presented in this transition third dimension to the fourth dimension. Why we get so confused by this process? And why do I still feel so alone, I know what is illusion, what do I need to contact me with the souls and spirits who accompany me? ~Andreia, Brazil

ANSWER: Your conscious mind is what is directing your difficulties, not the fact that you have lived a number of previous lives. The problems with time you are discussing are a “this life” situation only. You have convinced yourself that they are a holdover from prior lives – not so.

Living in the moment and being in touch with your surroundings will allow you to interact in a timely manner with those around you. These “problems” you describe are life lessons, and you are ignoring learning about them by blaming your status as an old soul. Ask yourself why your mind wanders and you don’t accept the importance of being and doing things on time.

Transitioning into a higher dimension cannot occur if you are not finished with the lessons you came to Earth to learn. Stop making excuses and face your inadequacies, for they are what you came here to understand. Confusion means you are not taking a good look at what is bothering you.

Loneliness occurs when you cut yourself off from your inner self, your love of self. It is your soul, the driving force of your life, that establishes contact with your guides and the other nonphysical beings around you. You want to make contact so they can tell you what to do – but they will not do that because they honor your freedom of choice to live as you wish.

You will get help from their advising you on ways to learn your lessons and how you can work to get clarity about life. However, they will not make any decisions for you.

Do healers get extraterrestrial help?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, In regards to humans that have the ability to heal other people, are there other beings from other galaxies helping out? Can they assist in manifestation too? And protection? I’ll appreciate your comment on this. Very grateful for your assistance. ~Maria, USA

ANSWER: First there must be a clarification about healing practitioners. Humans do not do the healing themselves without assistance. Any healing involves two parties: the healer and the one being healed. If clients do not participate in the procedure and/or do not believe they will be healed, nothing will change in their condition.

This is true even with regular medical doctors. If they prescribe antibiotics for infection and patients do not think they will work, then they will not cure the condition. Patient have control over their bodies and can block the healing or balancing medicine or energy directed toward them.

The power for the healing does not come from the “healers.” The practitioners are merely the conduit for universal life force energy coming from the unconditional love energy of Source. It is the intention of the healers that directs and intensifies the energy, directing it to the needed area.

The healing energy never comes from the practitioners themselves. Were people to send their essential energy to others to help them, they would become weakened and need someone else to replenish their energy. It would be like donating a huge amount of your blood to another until you are too weak to function and require a transfusion from another.

All that being said, when multiple healers work on a single client, they intensify and exponentially multiply the force of the energy delivered to the client. It doesn’t matter if practitioners are from this planet or another; every body counts.

Manifestation is an individual thing because each of us has our own reality and creates it to our liking. You cannot fashion a world for others since they will see what they are expecting.

Several alien nations have protected the Earth from the effects of massive energy bursts from the Sun by intercepting them before they hit the planet. They are all prohibited from individual assistance to souls having a human experience on Earth since they honor the fact that the soul needs to exercise its own free will to make the choices for its journey.