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Defeating expectations

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for several years now. During the last few years, I feel that I have grown a lot. I always imagined that with time, the work would become easier. For example, those limiting beliefs that come up, and feelings and pain which causes discomfort and suffering, I challenge those things and feel that I’ve been courageous. I imagined all of this would only get easier with time, and given the knowledge and growth that I have gained. At times, I still feel overwhelmed by how much comes up; sometimes it feels really difficult to tackle. My question is, does it ever get easier? It feels hard. I thought a spiritual journey would only get easier with time. ~Veronica, USA

ANSWER: You are still trying to be in control of what comes to you instead of letting your unconscious higher self dictate what needs to be dealt with. You have done marvelously with your growth. As you have so courageously proceeded, you have learned the lessons in most of the situations chosen by you. In a few you have battled the emotions and suppressed the lesson into submission and retreat, but lessons suppressed just come back with ferocity.

You are what is known as an older soul, one who has had many prior lives. In each of these lives, if you chose lessons you were not able to complete, they will come into your current life with vengeance to see if you can conquer them at this time. In other words, the more prior lives, the more potential for very difficult things to appear.

Lessons continue until you understand them so that you will recognize any variation on the theme that presents itself. You would not expect university work to be easier than kindergarten or high school, would you? Why expect post-graduate work to be easier than what has been seen before? With due diligence, you are able to gather the wisdom from progressively more complex situations.

Your attitude also affects the severity you imagine with each new event. If you think it is – or is going to be – hard, it will appear monstrous. Likewise, if you see it as doable, even if it is very complicated, you will be able to breeze through it.

Getting yourself out of judgment, which is the rating of each circumstance, prevents the playing of mental games in your head. If you get rid of the ego, which is the seat of judgment, you may enter into the area of evaluation, where you feel your way through life. Enlightenment is the point where judgment vanishes and evaluation rules.

Differing points of view

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, after so long, I finally found my life purpose, which is to help people. I have been working on developing my spiritual gifts, and I think I am doing pretty well (hopefully I am right). I have been told by mentors that I could either be a channel for Angels or a medium for Spirits. This is where I need some guidance. I am not sure which way to go; which is my true calling? Or for that matter, is either of these two options really what I am supposed to be doing? Thank you so much in advance for the guidance. ~Daen, Singapore

ANSWER: There is no written plan for this life of yours. You decided only that being an intermediary for the nonphysical beings, in order to help humankind, was an ultimate goal. You are always exactly where you need to be when you are there. The problem with the mentors who have advised you is their use of words.

Spirituality has no standard agreement on the meaning of a lot of the terms used. A channel is someone who allows for nonphysical spirits to communicate with the physical by coming through his/her body via words, visions, sounds, smells, or any means of communication. The channel may be conscious or in trance, aware of the procedure or not. A medium is generally someone used by a single nonphysical to deliver messages. There is no distinction as to the origin of the spirit, whether it is from Home, or a recently deceased soul, or a discarnate.

By these definitions, even those who communicate with their guides in meditation are channeling. Those who receive information via automatic writing, or visions that become pictures, are also channeling. All have the ability to be receivers, subject to their faith and confidence in themselves.

You had decided you would become available to deliver messages; the details are up to you. Let things develop normally. Relax and follow the flow of the energy. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Step back and take a good look

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, for a while I’ve been feeling disappointed with almost every aspect of my life. Mostly the fact that I’m not in a relationship and that I still haven’t succeeded in my profession. I’m so sad I’m thinking about suicide. I’m trying to control my thoughts and emotions so I can manifest what I want, but feel like if I’m not able to do that in a short term I won’t bear life anymore. What can I do to finally be the kind of person I want and the kind of life I desire? I’m really tired of struggling in relationships with man who after a while reject me or prove not to be what I need. And I’m tired of fighting for a job that’s very nice, but very difficult to obtain, and that after all isn’t my passion, but my father’s. Trust me, I’ve struggled and learned a lot. But I need rest. Enlighten me. ~Mirela, Brazil

ANSWER: Get off your “pity-pot” and take a look at yourself and the realizations you express here. The most telling phrase is that life has always been about what your father had determined would be your passion. You need to learn to say no to any ideas or beliefs that do not originate from within you.

You have escaped taking responsibility for your life by listening to others. You have sat back, so when things aren’t as you would like them to be, you can easily say: ”Well, it didn’t work because I was only doing what he said, and he was wrong.” It is time to start using your freedom of choice and making your own decisions.

You haven’t found peace in love or career because you have tried to please your father, and he is not you. Take all your beliefs and examine each to see if you still want it to be a part of your life or if you want to replace it with your own ideas. Once all the ideas are yours, it will be easy to draw up a manifestation that brings you your desired life.

The men who have been drawn to you are ones who would please your father and are very much like him. No wonder they have never worked out! From this day forward, do only what you choose to do. Every time you go to make a decision, say: “How do I feel about this?” If it doesn’t make you happy and give you a feeling of resonance with it, try something else.