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Child walk-ins

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for a walk-in experience to happen to a child? Is it possible that this could happen and no one, not even the parents would notice any difference? Does the walk-in soul have soul contracts with the family, just as the “old” soul had? ~Stephanie, Canada

ANSWER: A walk-in is a soul who takes the place of another in a body after the original occupant has decided, or made plans, to go home. The incoming soul makes the exchange so it does not have to go through a long and tedious childhood when it already has an idea what it wishes to immediately pursue. An example would be a soul who wishes to be a psychiatrist and notices a soul about to leave a licensed doctor. It would ask for permission to use the body to avoid having to go through childhood and 16 to 18 years of schooling and residencies.

Having the exchange take place at a young age, before the departing soul has learned or accomplished much, does little to advance the purpose of the incoming soul to avoid choosing its own body and living situation. However, while we do not see this as a practical event, it is possible.

The earliest exchange took place with an 8-year-old prodigy. The incoming soul wished to experience the intensity of the talent (musical) and the loneliness of not having any peers with whom to socialize. It was known that this would be a short-term life since the body was in ill health and had several disabilities.

Even in this case, the parents were aware of a difference since the new soul was unfamiliar with the family dynamics and had a massive turn in health as the old soul’s body was ready to stop existing. In general, the incoming soul gets most of the outgoing physical memories, but each contributes from its own past lives in living the shared life.

Not everything that happens in human life is the result of contracts. Some family lineups occur because the parents are engaged in something the child wishes to be a part of. The parents are ready to have a child, so the soul hops inside without any specific agreement.

Dead Mother wants house back

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, my mom, who died 8 years ago, continues to return to me in my dreams to tell me she is alive again. My dilemma is she always needs her house back, which I have been renting out for income. I feel stuck between the legalities of a lease and giving her back her house. The house is now for sale, and last night in my dream she was living joyfully in the house. Can you help me understand what she is telling me, and how I can find peace in the dreams I’ve had? ~Jodi, USA

ANSWER: The soul that inhabited the body you knew as your mother is still at Home with us in the fifth dimension of unconditional love. She couldn’t care less about her former house; she doesn’t even spend that much time manifesting a body because she can do more and go more in her energetic state. Further, you cannot give a physical building to a nonphysical being.

She is completely nonphysical and is reuniting with other human families of which she has been a member. She is too busy to engage in the antics in your dreams. She does not intend to come back into a physical state for quite some time, and when she does, it will be in a different situation in which she can learn additional lessons from the ones she did in this lifetime.

Your dreams are being influenced by a negative entity who is having fun making you miserable. It is impersonating your mother and is using your insecurities, history with your mother, and intense need to please to lead you on and make you believe. You have always been a weak person when it came to your mother; it was a lesson the two of you worked on, and your mother had hoped you would gather strength on your own. Stop allowing another, physical or nonphysical, to tell you what is best for you. Take back your own power and decision-making.

The property is now yours to do with what you want. Take care of yourself and create what you want for your future. Tell that negative spirit to cease and desist. The sooner the property is deeded to another, the faster the spirit will vanish completely.

Confusion about death

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, my husband died in my arms, a victim of cancer. We spent seven years together, with many difficulties, many of them were financial difficulties, but I think we mature together. I think he was my companion in this life. I would like to know how he is now, and if he suffered in the last moments. I would also like he forgive me for the lack of patience and everything I did wrong for him. I am too sad and don’t know what to do to complete my lessons of life. May I do something to help him somehow and help myself? ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: Once the soul leaves the physical body, it enters into unconditional love with no negativity – therefore no pain or regrets. As your husband’s body went through the last phases of the disease, his soul and consciousness spent more time outside the body than in it. In other words, the physical pain was not affecting his awareness.

You were with him in this life to witness this trial he had requested and to learn more about yourself. Since this was your journey as well as his, you did nothing that could be considered wrong since it was all for the experience. Patience was a life lesson you wished to deal with and you learned by being able to know when you felt you were too brisk with your actions.

Examine what occurred during your time together and you will see the lessons on which you were working. Understanding the way you now feel and think about your actions will help you further learn and understand your lessons.

Take one day at a time. Honor the magnificent life you witnessed and the one you are living. Continue to send unconditional love to your husband – and don’t forget yourself. Love is the answer to all awareness, learning, and growth.