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Life’s ups and downs

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, It took me 12 years to move on with my life, after the passing of my husband. I was angry at him for leaving me. He was the love of my life. But during that time I discovered me again, and it in that time, I discovered I am an awesome person. I want to have love again in my life, lately have made some wrong choices, what I want to know, Is will I find love again? ~Susann, USA

ANSWER: Many of this life’s lessons concerned the departure of your husband. It was arranged for him to leave you because you were so connected and dependent on each other. The soul’s journey is a singular affair with interludes of partnerships. Yours came to an end so you might move into completing your lessons.

When he left you felt anger, abandonment, grief, loneliness, survivor’s guilt, and a lack of direction to a degree never before encountered. You did not have him around to help you work through these feelings, and that, too, was new. In your devastated world you first had to find yourself, and then decide how you wished to continue.

The choices were basically twofold: you could remain in the negative energy of all these emotions or you could accept that you had the choice to throw off the bad feelings and replace all with positive feelings of love and happiness.

It was time to take sole responsibility for the future. You were able to do this when you finally acknowledged that you had the power to understand the lessons – and that they were just that, only lessons – and move on creating for the remainder of your existence in this body.

You will find love when you step back, get rid of your haste, and let the universe come to you. Your problem with the approach you have taken is the desperation you feel. There is no need for that – just be yourself. You are the only important thing in your world. Envision what type of companion you desire. Put the intention out into the world that you are ready to receive. Then just wait.

Confusing messages

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I can feel the healing/cleansing that my channeler did for me, but her interpretations / explanations of my life events do not resonate with me at all, and thus left me confused. Am I in denial mode? Or is there more than one soul in me? I don’t understand why I chose all these life events. I could communicate with my spirit guides and angels, but not clearly, thus still confused. Any wisdom or advice you could impart to me would be greatly appreciated! ~Wanchain, Canada

ANSWER: You are residing in that body alone; no additional soul or negativity accompanies you. One of your life lessons is to stop wanting others to tell you what to do and think. It is time to drop judgment, which is the purview of the ego, and evaluate what is happening to you, which comes from your unconscious.

You are intensely grading everything around you. You are thinking about events instead of feeling how they relate to you. Acknowledging that something does not resonate with you is a good step toward creating belief systems that are your own and not left over from the desires and teachings of others. This manifests in a reality of your own making.

Any time someone tells you something, including us, you should see how it feels; if it doesn’t resonate, then put it aside. Possibly revisit it in the future to see how it feels, but definitely do not feel bound by its pronouncements.

Your guides are communicating with you, but your expectation of the form of this communication is preventing you from benefiting. You anticipate an oral conversation and they are giving you visual messages. Flashing lights, bells and tones, as well as happenings on television and articles in magazines are being put in your way for you to see their advice. Relax and be aware of everything in your present vicinity.

Channeler can only convey to you the messages they receive, which can be limited by their own thoughts or lack of experience in the meaning of the situation presented. This is why running all things through your feelings instead of your thoughts will make your conclusions your own.

Experiencing unconditional love

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, recently I had an experience of connecting to my soul and my inner self in a way I had never experienced before. My energies were lifted up, I felt so good that everything else seemed unimportant. But, it concerned another person whom I have been very attracted to since I first met him years ago. Now I’m stuck thinking of him and this feeling we shared and neglecting my marriage even I feel I should transfer this energy for my own development. I feel I need to change my life’s direction, my marriage is not really working but I don’t know if I still have things to go through with my husband. What is this experience trying to tell me? Who is this person? I feel he’s a half of me but my fear tells me I’m just imagining it all. ~Kesia, Finland

ANSWER: You desperately want to connect to the same unconditional love of which your soul is composed. You feel you will never have it with your husband because it has not happened between you. When you are totally open to the universe you connect to this energy. You were able to make the connection with this man because you so frantically have searched for love that you opened yourself without any restrictions, unaware of potential vulnerability. You became “hooked” on what you thought was his energy, thinking it is the only way to feel love.

It is not just with this man – you have always had the ability but the fear has kept you from opening yourself. You are so frustrated with life that you have fanaticized this man as your salvation and savior from tedious boredom and lack of love. You can use this energy any way you want once you realize the connection is always available to you.

This is a turning point in your life. You are ready to accept the ability to manifest that which you desire. Let go of your need to be directed by another and create a new reality. You are finished with the reasons you and your husband married. It is for you to decide if there is anything remaining that would cause you to want to stay.

Remember to be yourself at all times in the future. Don’t depend on the energy or thoughts of others to feel what you need. Be true to yourself and the universe will help you bring to yourself that which you want to experience. Create each new day without trying to bring along things from the past. Stop just imagining and start living.