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Alcohol usage

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, please discuss the effects of drinking alcohol on humans in regards to vibration and the law of attraction, if any. I have a lot of confusion about this. Spiritual entities, physical and non-physical, have told me not to drink alcohol, but I am never told why. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol. Medical studies repeatedly prove that moderate alcohol use has many positive benefits on the health and wellbeing of the human body. Spiritual humans through the centuries have been known to drink alcohol. Jesus recommended it as a symbol of his blood. I find it an enjoyable libation. I have been told and read that alcohol attracts “bad spirits” which attach and wreak havoc when one drinks. It is said that a single ounce of alcohol can cause dark energy for up to three days, allowing negative beings to attack. Please tell me the truth about this. ~Christina, US

ANSWER: Alcohol is a chemical that affects everyone in slightly different ways. There is much knowledge about the physical influences, but there are also the vibrational effects, which can interfere with spirit communication – which is not of great importance to those who are not metaphysical students.

Alcohol consumption has been scientifically proven to have deleterious effects on the brain, heart, liver, and pancreas, making a person more prone to cancer and illness by weakening the immune system. Small amounts may also be healthy for the stimulation of the heart and body.

Belief systems that include sections on consumption of alcohol, both pro and con, have nothing to do with spiritual awareness but are ritualistic. There are some that include other forms of mind-altering substances as well. Each soul is responsible for selecting the beliefs by which to live human life.

Many enjoy the feelings and taste of alcoholic beverages, and a small amount that does not change your personality is no cause for alarm. Some people use alcohol to free their inhibitions when they have no self-confidence or self-worth. These are the ones who leave themselves open to the attraction of negativity.

Vibrationally, a state of intoxication reduces the ability to sense the energy of one’s soul – or any positive energy, for that matter. Negative energy is a very strong energy for the physical body, so when drunk, in order to feel anything, one reaches for negative beings. If you are unable to reason and think clearly, a discarnate negative soul wandering around Earth will ask if it can help you out, and therefore you end up giving it permission to attach to you and exist on any positive energy it can find. It remains around until a better food source comes along or you find a way to get rid of it.

There is no set formula for safe and dangerous when it comes to alcohol. If you choose to drink, be aware and careful not to open yourself to invasion. Alcohol does affect the vibrations used to communicate with ascended spirits and Masters; it makes it more difficult for the human body to be attuned to fifth-dimension energy. If you are not communicating at the moment, enjoy a libation.

A “safe” liaison

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I recently met a spiritual friend on Facebook who is running a meditation center. We shared lots of spiritual experiences. He always tells me that he feels we have known each other and he is so attracted to me…  I love chatting with him, always looking forward to his messages. Now I’m falling in love with him. Both of us are married. I’m so drawn to him. Is there any connection between us, why is there so much love and attraction for him. Why do we have to meet at this time…  I feel loved, happy and life is so exciting with him around in my life. ~SS, Singapore

ANSWER: Humans are always attracted and drawn to what they see as better than their current situation. Long-distance communication is very safe for both sides. You can say whatever you want the other person to hear and not have to be concerned about being found out if your words aren’t completely true.

You have created an “ideal” partner in this man because you have “seen” only what he wanted you to see, and you have “heard” only what you are seeking. Your husband is right in front of you and you can pick out all the things that annoy you, so this other man looks superior.

During the time that you have been establishing a friendship, you have talked only about the things in which you share an interest. Since your husband is not open to all the metaphysical things you crave, this man shines in comparison. Day-to-day life is totally different from a dream world created with partial facts.

This man appeared at this time for you to see and feel what spiritual unconditional love can be. This man spends his time in unconditional love when he is in, and teaching, meditation. He shares his knowledge with all equally. He sees in you a student who is yearning to experience higher vibrations.

You have spent lives together before, but, like this one, each was for the purpose of stimulating growth. Every soul creates its own reality and direction. Examine what you wish the rest of your life to be; look at the people in your life and see who helps with your plan and who does not.

Creating examples and belief systems

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Question: Masters, Wow, I totally believe everything you have said. It just feels right, but like I had to be reminded. Plus it all makes sense! I was raised Catholic. So did Jesus really exist?? What about the Ten Commandments? Was that just a movie? If there is no judgment, just lessons to learn, then who cares if you break a commandment! woo hoo! The bible is all made up stuff?? ~Patty, USA

ANSWER: Did you just give yourself a “Get out of jail free” card? LOL! Belief systems are what you use to determine behavior in any situation. Society has its input, parents theirs, and religions another set. If you disobeyed your parents’ rules you knew that some kind of punishment would follow. Disobeying society’s rules, such as traffic regulations, puts you at risk for paying fines or serving jail time. These types of rules were all spelled out very distinctly for you.

Religious organizations also create patterns of behavior for their participants. When most of the laws were put together for religions, the majority of the people did not know how to read or write, so stories or parables were made up to demonstrate the principles desired. With each new level of more educated people, elaborations were constructed. Movies were found to be a way to teach even very small children what their beliefs were expected to be.

With spiritual awareness comes the knowledge that you have total freedom of choice to select the beliefs by which you are going to live. Certain souls have come to Earth to help all souls understand this principle and to help show the way to using the power of their soul. The man you call Jesus was one of these “way-showers.” Many stories were written about him that were not what actually happened. These were constructed by religious leaders who wanted everyone to adopt their particular beliefs and not think and decide for themselves.

There is no judgment at Home. No punishment, retribution, or Hell. But as long as you are still in a physical body, you have to be aware of the repercussions of your actions while still on Earth. Choose your beliefs from what resonates with you and how you wish to live your life.