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No unconditional love

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, on the 15 February 2012, I told her that I wanted to be away from her for 2 weeks so that I could forget about the unrequited feelings that I have for her. And then she said that she had something to tell me. However I was adamant about my decision and was not in the right frame of my mind to hear about it. Although today our friendship remains as it is, I still want to know what she had wanted to tell me that night. Was there ever a time that she felt what I had felt? Does she feel anything for me now? If so what are the feelings like? Also I would like to know why is there a strong bond/attraction between him and her and if there is a possibility for them to be together in this life? Who does she need more in her life? ~V, Singapore

ANSWER: You are a very intense, strong, egotistical person. Everything is about you, and you hesitate when others express their feelings if they are not in line with your expectations. Your intensity is such that it frightens some people, and they feel they have to move away from you or be consumed in your fire.

Your friend has strong feelings for you but doesn’t know exactly what you want from her. No one, in your current circle, can duplicate your depth of emotions. You are a vortex that sucks in those in whom you have an interest, and they are shaken by your pull and lose most of their own understanding of what life is without you.

Your friend is on a journey to discover and understand what this physical life is all about. She has taken cues from you for some time and is now reaching out in other directions to explore alternatives. She doesn’t know what she wants yet but will be crippled by life if she doesn’t investigate all possibilities.

Nothing is right or wrong and there are no definite pre-decided answers. It is impossible to make other souls do what you want them to do, unless they want to do it. Regarding your specific questions, we can only say there are too many variables for us to answer at this time.

You are seeking unconditional love, and within the confines of the duality of planet Earth, there is no such thing. If you had unconditional love, you would not worry about your friend or other associations she was pursuing. You would simply wish her well and step back and observe. She has always loved you with the intensity she is able to give in this life; it is not as intense as your love because few reach those levels.

Continue to express to her your feelings but don’t smoother her—that is what she is running away from. The choices of companion are hers to make. Pushing her for a decision will only push her away. Let time elapse for decisions to be made.

Baby steps directed by feelings

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, which way forward for me is the big question. I am wanting to sell my business, which is very small home-based; my fear is, what will I do for income? I have a young family, and we have mortgages. We want to sell the houses, but they aren’t worth anything in the current market. If we could just sell them & pay our mortgage off, then only one of us will need to work, or start new business eco-friendly. ~Teena, New Zealand

ANSWER: You are bored. You are looking for something new and exciting. A totally spiritual life is fantastic. You sit back and watch the flow of the world around you and everything you need is brought to you. The problem is that it only works for a single soul. When you have others to whom you have committed yourself, such as spouse and children, you have to obey the laws of the third-dimensional world to some degree. You must function in Earth’s positive-negative duality.

You are in the midst of learning your life lessons. What are they? They are shown to you by the fears and doubts that spring up in your life. If you do not trust your spiritual abilities and the power to manifest, a fear will stare at you everywhere you look. Clear out the fears and start programming in positive energy for what you seek.

The market is down, but you could bring buyers who would be willing to invest at a decent rate to cover your mortgages. What does your business mean to you? Right now it is the way in which you have been identifying yourself. Are you ready to let that go and begin again? Why does an eco-friendly business have such an appeal? Can you convert your current business into one? You need to find a new way to reinvent yourself.

Spend some time in quiet with yourself and go into your inner feelings to see if you even know what you want to do. Without some type of direction you are sending mixed signals to the universe. “I want to do this, but I’m not sure; maybe I should go here, but I’m not sure.” Is there any doubt that you are getting back exactly what you are broadcasting?

Define your needs, desires, and wants. Know that you can bring them to you. Send out the mail and wait for a reply.

Cutting loose from conflict

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, last year I made the decision to sever ties with my husband. After so many conflicts in relationships and family, Reiki and teachings of the masters were to acknowledge the support that I lived with a person with serious psychological and spiritual problems. However, I still have nightmares about this person and do not feel good to see him. As if there was a negative energy so as to cause chills. Although I am fine with me, there have appeared two committed people wanting to cause trouble. The question is: why do these conflict situations prevail if I am struggling to maintain a harmony with the universe? ~Aline, Brazil

ANSWER: Your struggle for harmony is still being done in fear. You are holding on to the belief that your ex still has a control over you. You must accept that he does have problems but they have absolutely nothing to do with you. You have not let loose of the ties he had over you. A person can control you, cause fear in you, and create nightmares for you only if you allow it. You have to believe the situation is still true in order to be affected.

It is time to feel the strength that you have within. You were strong enough to leave him; now you can be strong enough to be in the same place with him—seeing him for the injured person that he is. No matter what he says, or tries to imply to you, it cannot hurt you unless you accept his words as true. But why would you accept the words of an unbalanced person as being true?

The other people are coming into your life because, since you have not released completely the hold your ex has on you, the universe thinks you still want to experience this type of behavior, so it sends more of it your way. Say “cease and desist.” Tell everyone you no longer have to deal with this type of activity and walk on by, ignoring what these people have to say.

Begin your harmony with only positive energy in your thinking and being. When anything that is negative or that troubles you appears in your life, find a positive aspect and build up the positive energy. If some negative people try to interfere with your happy world, just say to them you no longer need such negativity in your life and move on. The choices are yours.

When it rains, you can be unhappy that you are getting wet or you can be happy that the flowers will soon be in bloom. When it is cold outside, you can complain or you can be grateful you get to wear the new coat you purchased. It is all in the way you look at the world.