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Peaceful marriage wanted

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am currently going through a very difficult time in my relationship with my husband. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have 2 children aged 18 and 15, so whatever decision that I take will impact them. I wish to have a peaceful relationship with my husband but don’t understand why each time we seem to be in conflicts. Please Masters, tell me what I should do? ~Sheila, Singapore

ANSWER: Your husband is using conflict as an easy means of distancing himself from you. Your children are already being affected by the situation between their parents because they feel the discord in the atmosphere. They are constantly being bombarded by decisions as to whose side to take in the battles.

As in all marital problems, the children feel that they are somehow responsible for the difficulties their parents are experiencing. They feel if they had better grades, caused less trouble, helped out more at home, hadn’t responded in such and such a manner, then the world would be more peaceful. They question why you allow this warfare to continue.

Your husband has no concern for what is happening. He wants out of any responsibility for the family. He is moving on and it is time for you to decide if it would be better if you did as well.

You fear change, yet you are miserable in your current situation. Any decision you make will allow you to learn more about yourself. You must respect yourself and accept you do not deserve to be treated in this fashion. Make any decision based on your feelings; the children will understand when they examine all the facts.

Psychology and Spirituality

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I work as a psychological counselor, and would like to inject spirituality into my method of working since it’s always been a strong personal interest of mine. In essence, I would like to fuse the classic psychological schools of thought with spiritual elements in the method of support that I offer. The how of it all still eludes me though; I can’t seem to bring them both ‘on the same page.’ (Probably because the classic psychology training that I had didn’t pay any attention to the spiritual element in human experience, and even looks down upon it, still.) ~Gert, Belgium

ANSWER: Jung and Freud interjected spirituality into their work by considering that there was more than a physical side to their patients. They just never wrote it into their techniques because it couldn’t be physically substantiated. The problem you have found with an integration of modern techniques and daily life comes out when you consider that the definition of psychology is the science of the mind and the behaviors it exhibits.

Spirituality deals not with the conscious mind but with the soul, which does not dictate behaviors, nor is it part of your consciousness. The soul consists of unconditional love, has no judgmental capabilities, and follows no set rules based on belief systems.

The easiest way for you to use spirituality within your practice is to lead a life based on its principles. Feel the need your patients have for change and the way to obtain it. All souls are different, and comparing them to norms is doing them a disservice. Help them to see that most of their difficulties come from a lack of awareness that they have freedom of choice. They need to approach their fears and doubts as signposts for the life lessons they have chosen. By going into these, they pinpoint the blockages and can learn their way through.

Animals and souls

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, before the advent of human beings on Earth, how did souls learn life lessons? Also, if everything is a part of Source, why do animals not have souls? It seems cruel to subject animals to negative conditions imposed upon them by human life lessons. What is the purpose of this? ~Gloria, USA

ANSWER: The simple answer to your first question is, they didn’t! Earth was set up specifically with learning lessons in mind since no other previous place had a duality that allowed for choices to be made during a learning process. Souls just had experiences in these other places, without needing to use their freedom of choice to learn both what their essence was and what it was not. All these situations existed in unconditional love. When Source and its souls wanted to better understand their essence, Earth was envisioned and then created as an arena for that purpose.

Everything is energy, but not all energy is Source. All souls are Source energy. Souls were individualized from Source to provide a way to experience what was not unconditional love. Animals, since they are not capable of responding emotionally rather than intellectually or instinctively (i.e., not exhibiting sentient qualities), cannot plan life lessons for themselves. Animals also do not need to learn life lessons. Plants are in the same situation, being energy but not containing souls.

Not all animals on the planet are subjected to negativity generated by the life lessons of others. Some, particularly beloved house pets, have lives that are envied by many. That is not to say that if souls choose to experience a life as an animal for some reason or other, they are unable to do so. A very small percentage of souls do choose to experience animal, reptilian, and/or avian existences. They may wish to have the sensation of the natural characteristics defining a particular species.

It was only after animals were domesticated that such thoughts as yours arose. Prior to raising animals, people saw them simply as a means for sustaining life. The animals were the teachers. They taught humans how to work together, protect themselves, use fire to increase their nutritional intake from otherwise inedible flesh, cover their bodies with skins, and benefit from using animals to assist them. They enabled many souls to learn confidence and self-worth while exciting their creativity. Animals are tools for many people and purposes.