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Body/soul facts and worship

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, can a soul be reincarnated in two different bodies, different places on Earth, at the same time? When a loved one dies, can they reincarnate immediately and also still communicate with remaining loved ones on Earth as a spirit, such as through a medium? And, where does worship fit in? If we are here on Earth to learn lessons that we have chosen to orchestrate with other souls…we being energy from Prime Source, it doesn’t make sense for us to worship ourselves. I have experienced the higher vibration of worship, so how is it to be properly executed when we sing, play, dance in worship to God? Is it in vain? ~Sheila, USA

ANSWER: A soul has only one “awareness” at a time. It is impossible, if the soul is tied to a physical body, for it to be in more than one physical place at the same time. It may reincarnate as soon after leaving its body as its awareness allows.  Sometimes it takes a while for a soul to realize it is no longer a part of the physical life it has just left. It needs to have total awareness to make the choices necessary to set up the next living life lesson.

In order for a medium to channel a soul as the person it has been, so that it would be recognized by those remaining, it must be unattached to a physical body. Once it enters into another body it assumes the characteristics of the newly chosen body, in other words, a baby!

We have repeatedly said that you can love another only to the extent that you love yourself. Self-love is uniting with the essence of our self and the Source energy. Worshiping someone or something is to acknowledge their worthiness with respect and reverence. Worshiping oneself is an acknowledgment of the Source within.

The higher vibration you have felt is the uniting of the unconditional love within you with the universal unconditional love of the Oneness. To celebrate who and what you are with song, dance, and exaltation is to rejoice in your own identity. It is not vanity but rather acceptance of who you truly are.

Divorce destruction

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, deep inside me, I know I need to divorce my husband to allow each other to move on with our lives. It is very sad that I cannot receive his love and give him my love for the past 10 years. He does not agree with the divorce. Fear, grief and guilt have held me back from divorce. The limbo situation has been very draining for us. It really pains me when my son, in his 20s, told me he is very fearful that he might also face a divorce in the future. My son’s happiness is of utmost importance to me. Please advise what I can teach my son and what I can do to minimize the impact of the divorce on my husband and son. ~Anxin, Singapore

ANSWER: Your son sees your current situation as an example of what destruction can be created by a piece of paper that seemingly binds people together. Your marriage has been a sham for at least a decade and will not get any better. You have nothing in common with your husband any longer. If you want to grow in understanding of yourself in this life, you must distance yourself from him.

Your son is afraid that he may get stuck in a situation like yours. He vows not to allow himself to be held captive as you are. That is why he feels that he will have to get a divorce after a period of time rather than live in a tumultuous place such as the one you have chosen.

You must be true to yourself and do what is best for you. You fear the unknown, grieve for what might have been, and feel guilt because you cannot make this union work. Trust in yourself and you will find the way to a happy life. Change the grief into relief that you will no longer be living a lie. You are not in a successful marriage; leave it and find another that will satisfy you. Acknowledging your feelings is not cause for guilt; you should rejoice at no longer having to pretend to others that you are happy. Being honest with yourself and others is nothing to regret.

Your husband wants only to keep you as a possession to take care of his needs. Your son sees easily the problems that arise the longer you two stay together. Have him talk to his father and free you from this restrictive situation.

Baby complications

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in the middle of a confusing situation in my life. I am pregnant, this baby wants to come even though we didn’t “plan” for that. That’s why my husband has taken it quite hard. My opinion is that everything will get right and I am delighted to have this opportunity to be the mother of this soul. Our life is in turbulence, and it is taking its toll on both of us. Also my way of spirituality is something that my husband does not understand. I do see the future bright and calm, but what should I think in the middle of these confusing times? ~Piia, Finland

ANSWER: This child indeed has chosen to come at a time which will make you examine a lot of your beliefs about family and life. You will be a blessed family. What part your husband plays in this is up to him. He does not see this as a blessing but rather additional complications and burdens. Your spirituality allows you to see the larger picture of life within the universe. He sees only the day-to-day life and all the difficulties he already faces.

Your husband needs to feel the unconditional love of a child to get a glimpse of what life is all about. Go easy on him as he adjusts to his expanding world. Keep up your positive attitude because it will have a definite effect on him. He sees so much negativity outside the home that your island of peace and tranquility within the home is confusing by contrast.

Be truthful to yourself and your way of feeling. Gently introduce him to your spiritual beliefs of manifestation and unconditional love. He will be drawn to your beauty and grace with your sense of calmness. Just be yourself.