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Desperate for love

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am divorced and have met a wonderful divorced man who lives 2000 km away creating a lot of difficulties. He suffers with depression and a lack of self value but I have never known such a caring loving person who speaks to my heart in such amazing ways. We love each other dearly but don’t know how we can be together. I sometimes feel he fears the intensity of a commitment. He places lots of obstacles in our path without realizing this for he is a huge thinker. I trust him implicitly and sense his feelings for me are real and true. I am struggling with all of this (I have 3 children). I want him to propose to me, I want to spend the rest of my life with him but I realize that he has issues to deal with which are not my responsibility. How can we make this work? Is it meant to work? Is there anything I can do? ~Andrea, Canada

ANSWER: You are very desperate for adult communication and a male, who is not abusive or demeaning, who will pay attention to you. You have always had a dream of a family where you are treated like a queen with respect and understanding. Your friend is able to sympathize with you and your past experiences because he has experienced some of the same interactions with his ex-spouse. The reason he seems so loving and caring is that he is the first man who has not tried to dominate you, and he wilts in the presence of conflict so he goes overboard to make things comfortable.

He is incapable of domination because he lives in fear, even to the point that he creates the belief that in his life he is surrounded with those who are persecuting him. This is the cause of his depression. You are correct that he has no self-esteem, and his constant analyzing, anticipation, and expectations keep him constantly afraid he will do something wrong or cause him to be controlled and punished by someone.

What you sense from him is his desperation to have a loving relationship, and that need appeals to your mothering instincts to take him in and nurture him. This would be equivalent to taking a wounded wild animal into your home, one so needy it tolerates human contact. Once it recovers sufficiently it will fear the confines of your house and strike out at you.

You must examine every aspect of this friendship. You must be honest with yourself about your physical needs for companionship blinding you to the hazards of this situation.

What is being selfish

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been in my current job for almost 3 yrs now and I’m planning for a change of job environment. However, my superior to whom I report is pregnant. She expects me to be able to cover for her while she’s on maternity leave. Somehow I feel guilty if I leave, but then I really don’t think I can take that responsibility. Why do I feel this way? If I leave am I being considered selfish for leaving her in the ditch? Could you advise me what kind of job should I look for which will support me financially and spiritual growth? What is it I’m going through now? ~Faith, Singapore

ANSWER: A lot of things are presenting themselves to you at this time. You are at a crossroads where you have become aware of the fact that you have finished everything you can learn in your present position. This is also a time of testing. What have you learned about your life lessons, your responsibilities, and trusting yourself?

You are aware that you have been very good at your current position but it has not given you much of a chance to test your managerial skills. The opportunity of taking over for your superior would do just that. What is the drawback? You would not get the additional compensation for doing her job and would be back exactly where you are now when she returns. Your experience has prepared you to lead; even your superior acknowledges that by her demands. You are feeling strange because you don’t know how you  would perform and don’t trust your intuition that you could do the job.

You have no spiritual responsibility to anyone but yourself. It does not matter that she has planned for this—she is simply taking advantage of you. It does not matter what others say about your loyalty to the company or your boss or even their interpretation of you as being selfish. It should not affect you at all unless you allow it. It is time to think about yourself and say “No, thank you.” Do not give control of your decisions to your superior. Do something only if you feel it is the right thing for you to do.

You had decided on a life lesson about managing others, so look for a position where you can be hired to do it full time. This is also needed for you to accept your own worth and abilities in this life. As long as you listen to what others are saying and let that sway your decisions, you will feel uncomfortable and out of control. Step up, see what you feel like doing, and then manifest it!

Different kinds of language

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in the process of writing a spiritual book which talks about vibrations. I feel these vibrations and can read them. I communicate and receive info from a group of 7 who calls itself “the Ancients”. In a regression, I met them and I felt that I was part of their group. I’ve started to write symbols down but I’m not sure of their origin. Could you give more information? For me all this is very familiar and natural.   ~Kim, Netherlands

ANSWER: This is a group of soul mates and other souls with which you have spent a lot of lifetimes engaged in communication. In the soul’s pure energy essence form there is no mechanical way to produce sound as would be heard by the human ear. In this state communication is accomplished by vibrations.

These symbols are like the characters representing a celestial language needed to produce a dictionary or encyclopedia. Once you get fluent in their use you will be recording something that could be equated to sheet music—what the vibrations would look like if reproduced for all to see. It is familiar and natural because it is your native language.