What is being selfish

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been in my current job for almost 3 yrs now and I’m planning for a change of job environment. However, my superior to whom I report is pregnant. She expects me to be able to cover for her while she’s on maternity leave. Somehow I feel guilty if I leave, but then I really don’t think I can take that responsibility. Why do I feel this way? If I leave am I being considered selfish for leaving her in the ditch? Could you advise me what kind of job should I look for which will support me financially and spiritual growth? What is it I’m going through now? ~Faith, Singapore

ANSWER: A lot of things are presenting themselves to you at this time. You are at a crossroads where you have become aware of the fact that you have finished everything you can learn in your present position. This is also a time of testing. What have you learned about your life lessons, your responsibilities, and trusting yourself?

You are aware that you have been very good at your current position but it has not given you much of a chance to test your managerial skills. The opportunity of taking over for your superior would do just that. What is the drawback? You would not get the additional compensation for doing her job and would be back exactly where you are now when she returns. Your experience has prepared you to lead; even your superior acknowledges that by her demands. You are feeling strange because you don’t know how you  would perform and don’t trust your intuition that you could do the job.

You have no spiritual responsibility to anyone but yourself. It does not matter that she has planned for this—she is simply taking advantage of you. It does not matter what others say about your loyalty to the company or your boss or even their interpretation of you as being selfish. It should not affect you at all unless you allow it. It is time to think about yourself and say “No, thank you.” Do not give control of your decisions to your superior. Do something only if you feel it is the right thing for you to do.

You had decided on a life lesson about managing others, so look for a position where you can be hired to do it full time. This is also needed for you to accept your own worth and abilities in this life. As long as you listen to what others are saying and let that sway your decisions, you will feel uncomfortable and out of control. Step up, see what you feel like doing, and then manifest it!