Different kinds of language

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in the process of writing a spiritual book which talks about vibrations. I feel these vibrations and can read them. I communicate and receive info from a group of 7 who calls itself “the Ancients”. In a regression, I met them and I felt that I was part of their group. I’ve started to write symbols down but I’m not sure of their origin. Could you give more information? For me all this is very familiar and natural.   ~Kim, Netherlands

ANSWER: This is a group of soul mates and other souls with which you have spent a lot of lifetimes engaged in communication. In the soul’s pure energy essence form there is no mechanical way to produce sound as would be heard by the human ear. In this state communication is accomplished by vibrations.

These symbols are like the characters representing a celestial language needed to produce a dictionary or encyclopedia. Once you get fluent in their use you will be recording something that could be equated to sheet music—what the vibrations would look like if reproduced for all to see. It is familiar and natural because it is your native language.