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No self-confidence

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, going to do my job each day causes me to feel humiliated, frightened, incapable and overwhelmed. I am not sure exactly why I have these feelings. I am afraid if I change jobs this process will just repeat itself as I feel the problem is contained more within me than in the external circumstances. I feel very stuck, traumatized by all this, but somehow I still need to get money from somewhere. What should I do? ~Gareth, England

ANSWER: You are absolutely correct that a new job will not help at this time. You also have come to the correct conclusion about your dilemma—the problem is completely contained within you. You have no self-confidence or faith in yourself and your decisions. You hide from the lessons that would tackle and solve these problems and lead you to accept responsibility for this journey you are on.

You had many traumas early in this lifetime that are now forcing you to look into yourself—and you are refusing. We suggest that it is time to consult a professional who can assist you in reviewing and dealing with these blockages. A hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, coach, or therapist can help you, but you have to make the decision.

You are as marvelous as any other soul. You are broken off from Source and therefore are all-powerful, knowing, and creative. You have to get to the point of accepting that you possess such abilities and then start using them. Right now it is easier for you to go around miserable rather than work to correct your self-image. Take baby steps into the world of confidence and control. You can do it if you are willing to put in the effort.

What is judgment?

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, please help me out. I need some help on learning about making judgments. In some of the replied messages I read from the Masters, I see a very direct judgmental viewpoint; e.g., Sept 1st: “This man is a manipulator, a liar and a cheat;” Sept 14: “He is also paranoid, possessive/selfish and domineering.”  What is judgment? Is self-making decision a form of judgment as well? ~HC, Singapore

ANSWER: Judgment occurs when the ego feels compelled to assess everything as right or wrong, or to grade people or actions as better or worse than other people or their actions. Someone who evaluates himself according to a standard of society—or, as a matter of pride, decides he is better than another human—is exhibiting judgment. If, on the other hand, he makes an observation about a person’s trait but makes no determination of the trait’s rightness or wrongness, he is noting what he sees without going into judgment.

Our answers, such as those you quoted, are simply descriptions of people about whom we are asked—a matter of identification. We do not judge the merit of their traits but merely, by identifying them, enable the asker to decide whether or not to remain in a partnership. Frequently, people on the spot cannot see what is happening around them and need an outside perspective for clarification.

When you make decisions for yourself, you are using your freedom of choice about what direction to try at that time. You are not judging something as wrong based on society’s opinions, but just going with your gut feeling that it is not the best thing for you. If, however, you act based on what you think others would want or expect you to do, you are relying on your ego and judgment to make decisions.

You can tell the difference by examining whether you are making the decisions based upon: (a) your thinking—your hard-drive mind supplied with information solely by those outside of you, or (b) your feelings, which rely on your own internal information.

The word Ascension

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know more about the much-touted “ascension.” I am not sure what I need to be doing to ascend. I am not the only one; many of the people I talk to are confused as well.  It sounds great but what is it exactly? ~Bonnie, USA

ANSWER: The word “ascension” is used many different ways by various organizations and religions. We have written a number of times in response to questions similar to yours. (See 11 Nov 09, and 11 Aug 10 for examples.) As we said on 13 May 2009, “By ascension we mean the ability of the soul, while still contained within its physical body (incarnate or not having gone through a death process), to rise above the heavy third-dimensional energy of ego and negativity, into a state where it is possible to communicate with all the other souls who are not incarnate. They are fully able to access all the wisdom of the universe. When ascended, the soul has the choice to maintain its physical body or to shed it and be in its formless energetic condition. This takes place when the soul has completed its life lessons for that cycle. It may remain in contact with the Earth to be of service to other souls.”

If you check on line, many sites will give you a “process,” or “characteristics” of a person undergoing the ascension process. Simply put, if you are learning your life lessons, getting to know your true energetic self, and continuing to disconnect as much as possible from third-dimensional ego, you are proceeding toward ascension.

Is this process a requirement in order to fulfill your life’s mission? No. What will the result be for you if you manage to ascend while still in body form? You will have completed everything you came down to Earth to learn, and you may decide to return Home, remain here as a guide for others to accomplish what you have just done, go back and forth, or do whatever you wish.

Work to understand all your life lessons, connect with your Guides and other non-physical beings, rid yourself of ego, and recognize your true essential self; then you will be ready to ascend.