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What is destiny?

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, what is destiny? I feel so confused most of the time about my purpose in this world. How I can keep myself happy and motivated? Please help clarify! ~Parthasarathy, India

ANSWER: Destiny is a concept that only has importance to those people within the physical realm who believe they have no freedom of choice. To accept you have a specific destiny, you say that everything about your life is predestined (predetermined or decided), and it will happen as it has been written (by whom they never say), and you can’t do a thing about it.

Many societies, nationalities, and religious organizations have a belief system that accepts the determination of a destiny. Controlling bodies would like all people to think that they are destined to do this or that, and then the organization comes in and moderates what the path of destiny consists of and how they can help with the decided tasks. This generally accomplishes whatever the group wishes to see done. Accept and believe you have the freedom of choice to determine everything in your life and you will always decide your own fate.

Many times we have spoken on the purpose of each soul. It is to come to Earth with various lessons it wishes to understand. In learning its lessons the soul may then truly know its own nature. The nature of the soul is unconditional love. To be happy and motivated, work toward always feeling love. Accept everything about yourself at every stage of your life, even the things you don’t understand or like. Those things signal to you what to work on to feel your love.

Something on the horizon

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve gone to see a couple of gifted ladies. I got a whole bunch of WOWs from them both. Other healers and psychics told me I was really something energy-wise and have masters with me with a very high purpose with only one more incarnation to go. All I do know is that I am a constant companion for elders in some capacity, and I give freely. I have learned where to draw boundaries. Kinda jump in to help anywhere I’m needed. I hear a regular dialogue with ??? unless I’m in a “funk,” but other than that, I don’t see any wow. I just feel kinda lost; I feel I need training. I know sometimes I can give a little healing, or get and give messages, but other than that no clue, no direction. I need something a little more concrete than wow. I feel like shouting, “What do you people want from me??” My plans require a lot of money. Training means traveling. So I play the lottery a lot. I have had the certainty for over a year now that something is coming. I wasn’t looking for it, just felt, heard… that it is… and I have big plans. I would really be thankful for some direction here. ~Hepsibah, USA

ANSWER: Something big is coming for you—you are about to be buried under an avalanche of expectations from all your big plans. You are expecting that somebody outside of your skin needs to tell you what to do. You can find a lot of people, particularly for a price, who will tell you what to do. You have consulted a number of these and have heard those WOWs, fantastic things you want to hear about yourself. But someone saying something, and you liking it, does not make it so.

This life is all about freedom of choice and each soul finding its way through lessons by taking responsibility for itself and moving into an understanding by doing. If you want to be told exactly what to do, join the military or an organization that has all kinds of rules and regulations. It won’t help you learn about your life but it should make you happy that you don’t have to make the decisions.

You have a lot of connections to the non-physical world but you just shrug your shoulders and say so what? You hear a regular dialogue, but because you don’t know who it is you ignore it instead of listening and learning. You would rather run off to a class where someone will tell you how they found a way to talk to their guides—a way that may not work for you. If you took the time to establish a communication, you might have a WOW for all the information these guides of yours can pass on to you for the asking. Right now, this minute! Just take the time to stop what you are doing, clear your mind, and listen.

If by “you people” you mean the non-physical universe, what they want is for you to ask for their assistance so they may provide you with information to enable you to make the choices necessary to learn. To learn in this journey, you don’t follow; you get general directions of all the possible routes and then you use your own freedom of choice to choose the way.

Brilliance to confusion

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I used to be interested in everything. I studied mathematics to postgraduate level exploring the meaning of infinity. I developed my artistic side with art and music. I practiced t’ai ji and tried to apply the principles to resolving injustices in the world. However about ten years ago I developed paranoid schizophrenia. In an attempt to overcome it I began reading more and more mystical literature and made efforts to detach myself from my attachments. Now I do not see the point in anything. I am completely lost; my life is without meaning. They say love is the true purpose but I even question now if I know what that means. What do you suggest? ~George, UK

ANSWER: We suggest that you stop thinking so much, stop analyzing, stop micro-managing. Go to a quiet place and ask yourself: what am I feeling at this moment? Take those feelings and ask why they are present. They will lead you to questions and problems you have in your life at this time that you are running away from. Follow them to their source, which will be a series of actions, statements, rules, and regulations. Examine each and decide if you wish to hold on to these beliefs or if you can get rid of them and move on with your own feelings in place of someone else’s thoughts.

Your intellect has been both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because it has allowed you to function very well in the physical, ego-oriented world of right and wrong, black and white; a curse because it cuts out the individuality of your soul on its physical journey through life. The moving force of the soul’s journey is using freedom of choice to learn lessons on your own. You have been slave to the written word.

Even during your difficulties you turned to others’ written teachings and experiences to find your answers instead of going inside and working outward. Detachment is the act of not needing to be under the power of anything but your own feelings—such as detaching from the need to find all your answers from the thinking of other people as found in writings.

Bring yourself back into your life. When you can feel what you want in your life, choose to do it, and then follow through. You will be loving yourself in the action. Love is acceptance. Love is assuming responsibility for yourself and your decisions. Love is being. Love is living.