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Help or hindrance

Monday, January 4th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I recently found out my baby son has been born with a rare genetic condition (a different DNA code) that manifests in restricted growth and other health complications. I fully trust that my child has chosen his path and believe there is something higher going on here. However, I am confused about what level of medical intervention I should engage in (e.g., hormone therapy) to help him ‘fit in’ with society’s acceptance of ‘normal’, or to improve his health…or whether I should leave him to his path? I am keen not to buy into fear, but don’t know whether there are lessons here for my husband and me (plus other family), or is this just about his own individual soul journey?                               ~Beryl, Australia

ANSWER: Your beautiful son has chosen a most difficult journey this lifetime. You, your husband, family members, associates, and medical personnel are all part of the learning lessons surrounding his condition. It is a three-part lesson: first the anguish which the disorder and fears for the future immediately bring forth. This is to be dealt with by learning to live in the moment and embrace what is happening now. Look at his existence as a challenge that allows you all to find out more about yourselves. No one is alone in this play; everyone has assigned roles.

The second part of the lesson is in deciding what is best for him both from his and from your perspective, not what your interpretation of society’s wishes would have you do. It is, for example, futile to try and get him to reach a normal height, because that is not a possibility. To subject him to procedures that are potentially harmful with a promise of a few more inches is society’s theme; what is yours? Accept the materials you have to work with and move forward.

The third part is to be aware of improving his physical condition, as long as you are doing it for his sake and not to try to make him normal. He is beautiful just as he is but some intervention will be necessary with his physical growth complications. Initially you will have to make those decisions for him until he is old enough to make them on his own.

Live this life fully with him by letting your heart, not your head, make your determinations. Your head is merely filled with the thoughts of others, things that they have talked or written to you about. Your heart is connected to your soul and to the universe; it will give you truer indications of your son’s intent for his life.