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Tough love, self love

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, my question is about tough love and self love. My desire to show my love to my 24-year-old daughter, and to support her through difficult times, often overrides and obscures my inner voice telling me to say “no” to her requests for support, because they are not in her best interests or mine. How do I stay loving towards myself and towards her? How do I maintain my certainty in the face of her bitter protests?

ANSWER: One of the most difficult stages and lessons for human parents is when to let go of their child and when to say “no.” Children often push the time of dependence well into adulthood because they do not want to assume responsibility for their own actions.

You have always provided whatever your daughter thought she needed. You have also been there to bail her out when she didn’t think things through thoroughly. You have facilitated a dependency of which she takes full advantage. She has learned a number of ways to manipulate you and theatrics is high on the list. The first step to being able to see clearly is to recognize the drama for what it is-an act to get you to give in to her demands.

That inner voice of which you speak is the truth of who you are. When you listen to it, you are honoring yourself and taking control of your own power. When you allow it to be drowned out, you are saying that others are more important then you. Accept that all souls originate from the same source and their opinions are equally valuable.

It is time for your daughter to take control of her own life-not just the initial decisions, but the results and repercussions as well. When she realizes that she is not going to be rescued from herself continually she will be more careful and investigative of the situations in which she places herself.

It is very loving for you to help your daughter recognize her own strengths. Be there to talk her through the difficulties in which she finds herself, but let her also find her own way out of the dilemma. If you continue giving in to her demands she will never grow and you will never be happy.

Don’t just spring this new regime upon her. Sit down and tell her that you will always be there, just not in a financial way. When you put this into play you will be honoring yourself and loving yourself as much as you love her.

Masters of Earth

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, are there living masters now on Earth, and if yes, can you name some of them?

ANSWER: We define a master as a soul who has learned everything there is to know about a particular life-lesson. This generally comes after a number of different lives during which the soul has explored the lesson from all its various angles and possible manifestations. Most masters do not stop with just learning about a single life lesson. They will spend many lives, several of your centuries, gleaning knowledge about the Earthly experience which they can turn into wisdom.

Having spent multiple lives gaining wisdom, a master then enters into service helping other souls to understand the nature of the human experience as a tool for truly appreciating their magnificence as part of Source. Most masters perform this guidance phase from the confines of Home-as a personal guide to an incarnate soul, as a member of an individual soul’s council, or as part of a debriefing team when a soul is newly returned.

During the developmental phase of the human experiment, masters frequently walked the Earth because personal contact was the only way to interact with other souls. No media of any kind existed. History was oral and at the whim of the teller. Patterns for humanity had to be established. Buddha, Mohammad, and Jesus were some of these masters who came to your Earth to teach about truth, discipline, and compassion, and to set standards of behavior. They are referred to as “way-showers”.

In your time, the work of the masters is well documented. Their examples and teachings may be found everywhere, if you look. There is no need for a new master to appear to show the way. The directions and pathways are there for all to see.

It is a time for action, not a time to sit and study at the feet of a master. With the instructions they have left you it is possible to go inside and reconnect with your true essence, which is the purpose of your life on Earth.

There are many masters walking the face of the planet, but they are not there to emulate the practices of old. They are simply with you to help you feel the energy of the Source more easily so that you may find the mastery within yourself. They choose not to reveal themselves because they do not want students who blindly follow. It is a time for each soul to find its own strength, power, and majesty.

Friends as angels

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I believe I have an angel in my life in the body of a person I know. She introduced me to self-awareness, and I am grateful and have thanked her for putting things right and making me happy again. I hear her say to me, things happen for a reason. Could she possibly be my angel, and would she know?

ANSWER: Your friend and mentor is not currently doing the work of an angel (as in guardian angel). She is, however, participating in a contract with you that you both chose to enter into before coming to Earth. You knew that you were going to be a little slow on the uptake of self-awareness because of the other life lessons which you chose to have. Knowing this, you wanted someone you could depend upon to nudge you in the right direction when you were ready.

In your awakening state you sense that she is much more in tune with, and connected to, the energy of Source. This you are able to feel because she lets you sense the flow of her energy as it travels back and forth to Home. You have the same abilities within yourself and will not need her assistance once you reach the point of acceptance-and you are almost there.

You have spirit guides around who are assisting you, but the only thing that is real to you at the moment is this physical contact provided by your friend. Go into a quiet meditation, possibly right before sleep, or just as you exit the sleep cycle. Feel the presence of your guides around you and start a dialogue with them; they have been waiting.

On some level your mentor has the awareness that she is performing a pre-determined service for you, but she does not have a clue about the exact nature of it. She came to Earth with the same amnesia that plagues you. As you both grow in understanding of the reasons that you are in these lives, you will see that other contracts were made between you. Enjoy this life experience with your companion of choice!