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Terror attacks

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, the terrorist attack of multiple areas in Mumbai has been horrific. As I understand your teaching, those who died in the attacks did so by pre-arrangement—it was their time to transition. Did the killers also have pre-arranged contracts to kill all of them? Are all such deaths always pre-arranged? Is there no freedom of choice not to kill that terrorists can exercise at the last minute?

When a soul makes contracts before coming to Earth, it is to enable it to learn certain lessons. A lesson may be to go through a violent death, to be in a position of being totally at the mercy of another, or to be subjected to abject fear. The way of completing these lessons may be by participating in something like the attack at Mumbai. But the exact minute-by-minute transaction is not predetermined before birth.

It is also possible that the relatives of those taken captive wanted to experience a sense of being helpless, watching the torture of their loved one, or some other unthinkable occurrence. The terrorists themselves may be part of a contract to let people feel their vengefulness, experience death, or to themselves be supreme in that moment of conflict.

Is everything preordained? Absolutely not. All participants have freedom of choice. They may have decided that morning not to go to the hotel or temple as planned. They may have lost their taste for blood and sacrifice and hidden away. Any change in their plans would alter the plans of the others. If souls are steadfastly set on transition at that time, and they had envisioned being shot by terrorists who had decided to stay away, they can substitute by being blown up in one of the explosions instead.

To some of our readers this may all seem a rather callous, uncaring rendition of life lessons, but you asked the question and we can only answer it as the facts exist. Part of what happened in India, aside from each separate soul’s journey, was the power of the energy ebbing and flowing around ideologies affecting your planet at this time. The response to the actual event rattles and shudders still around the whole Earth.

This was a shot across the bow of your population’s complacency. Stop and think: what do you want to take from this lesson?


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I recently read your book on healing and have some questions about prayer. In the book you say that two people asking God to heal someone is no better than someone praying alone. Then you go on to say that expressions of gratitude are effective prayers but prayer to God asking for healing is not. Don’t you actually believe in God’s power? You talk about watching what you pray for, how you formulate your intention, and the result thereof. Can you elaborate?

ANSWER: From your question, it is apparent your impression of God is someone outside of yourself whom you can beseech to help you, and in his mercy, you will be helped. Is that not true? We are not talking in the same terms as you. Your impression is an Earth concept that brings into play the ego with its constant judgment of right and wrong, punishment and reward.

In our book on healing we are talking about you as a soul who is a piece of the Source and has the ability to create whatever you need to experience your life lessons. If you wish to use the term “God” to refer to the Source from which everything sprang, then, yes, we do believe in God. If you wish to maintain the belief system of the Earth that “God” is a judgmental, vengeful force that is outside and not a part of yourself, and that controls all aspects of your life, we do not.

The Earth-based belief system God won’t be of any more help to you if you ask him for help alone or with one hundred thousand other people. You are not taking responsibility for your own life but asking another to bail you out. The healing begins with your own acceptance of the cause and belief in the remedy. You then have to put the intention in creating balance within yourself. When you accept that it is your intention, and not something outside of you, which creates your reality, you will have an overpowering sense of gratitude for being who you are. Acknowledging that gratitude, strengthens your intention for change (healing).

When a single person or a group of people put their intention into a desire, they are creating a powerful wave of energy. A single person has the ability to create a situation with the intention he/she puts forth. If you want to balance up the body to remove the dis-ease within (heal), you have the power to do that, because you have the energy of Source.

When we say to watch your prayers or intention, we refer to the fact that the energy is so powerful that if you say, “My desire is to be healed, but I know I don’t deserve to be healed,” you will not get any better. The ‘remaining the same’ part of your intention cancels out the healing part.

[The book referred to, Healing with the Universe, Meditation, and Prayer, is available on It is not available directly from We must warn you that there are firms making a very expensive secondary offering on the Amazon UK site that should certainly be avoided. Toni and Peter]

Stuck in a career rut

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

QUESTION: I am happily married with my first child on the way. My family and friends are plentiful and supportive. The only thing I am unhappy about is my career. I have always worked in sales and am good at it as I get on very well with people and genuinely try and help them out. I can’t seem to find a fulfilling position. I feel I am here on the Earth to do more than sales and have recently been thinking about moving into some sort of coaching. How will I ever find out what it is I should be doing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: You instinctively know that your path lies in interacting with others. Your sense of not being in the right place is from not being challenged by what you do. To sell a product you try to convince someone that it is right for them. This is helping only with their material needs, not their mental and emotional ones.

A way to find your path is to begin to ease into helping the whole person, not just the purchaser. You mentioned coaching. You would find satisfaction in any aspect of coaching from Little League, to Boy Scouts, to Life Coaching. See what feels right to you and either volunteer to help with youth or take a life-coaching course, after which you can see whom you feel more comfortable assisting: children, youths, or adults.

You are very intuitive. If you open yourself to the energy waves of those around you it is possible to direct them through the problems they are unable to see without your help. For years others have been seeking you out for advice because of these abilities; now put them to use in a career.

At each new phase always ask yourself if what you are doing feels right for you. If it feels comfortable, continue; if not, don’t hesitate to move into something else.