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Working with comfort zones

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Q. Masters, the more I read Spiritual books the more I hear about comfort zones and how they hinder growth and awareness. I had occasion to read a psychology book the other day and they recommended finding your comfort zone. I am very confused. Which is right?

A. Dear Confounded, depending on your soul’s projected journey this lifetime, either option might be right for you. A comfort zone is where you live life in a way that nothing comes as a surprise to you. You are in control of your experiences, and there are no chances being taken because you know what is coming next. You are very comfortable. It is also a very restrictive box within which you are unable to move forward. As long as you remain there, you can not learn any more about yourself than is within your awareness (the inside of your box).

In order to learn lessons you must be exposed to situations you have not faced before in this existence. When you have new experiences, you gain additional awareness of who you are. New circumstances do not pop up in your safe comfort zone box. You must open yourself to the unknown and go outside your comfort zone. You must trust in the universe that you will not be presented with more than you can handle at any one time.

The psychologist tells anyone who is overwhelmed in their environment to find a comfort zone and stay there. You can learn everything about yourself that has come to you so far in this life without facing any additional puzzles to work through simultaneously. This is a place for a soul to integrate what it has experienced before moving into new frontiers. Within a lifetime your path may have rest stops or comfort zones along the way for you to get ready for the next big step.

See what feels best for you. Are you stuck in a comfort zone and feel hemmed in? If you are, it is time to venture out if you want to grow by gathering more information about yourself. If you still need to learn where your fears originate, stay in that comfort zone and work on uncovering your own secrets.