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The Universe

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Q. Masters, you refer to the Universe a lot. Are you restricting your meaning to the physical world, or angelic beings, or what?

A. When we talk about the Universe in its broadest terms we are referring to everything that exists in all dimensions, times, and energies, such as thoughts, vibrations, and sounds. When we speak of the Universe as distinguished from one specific person, we refer to everything that is not that individual energy. This is frequently accepted to be the totality of all other energy outside that one soul. Many call this the Source, or the God-Force, which is part and parcel of all souls and all existence.

Tell your friends about us, and then you will have something interesting you can debate with them, and you will all gain a feeling for yourself as you speak your truth.

Preparing for change

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Welcome, fellow souls. It’s the season of preparation in the northern hemisphere for the rebirth of planet Earth. It is necessary to shed the old before a period of hibernation from constant growing, and it provides a buildup of strength for the burst of new life in the spring.

You celebrate all the upcoming changes with thanksgiving for what you have received, before you celebrate the birth of hope for the New Year. Yet there is also overcast weather when people become depressed with the perceived dreariness of the season and the restriction of sunlight. They mope around awaiting outside stimulation.

Let this be a time for reflection for you. Make time to be with yourself, cleaning out doubts and fears, and taking an inventory of whatever changes you can make in your thinking in order to be always in the sunshine of happiness.