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I know more than you do

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters there was no email to respond to you regarding your message, so I have to respond here. Thank you for your answer about Animals! but I completely disagree with quite a bit of your answer. This sentence you say… “But the ones without souls aren’t vital to the learning experience of the soul on their journey toward a spiritual experience” is totally untrue and not accurate. I feel I know more about animals whether they have a soul or not than you. I feel I am at a much higher vibration than you. Sorry so called Masters, your answer was very off. ~Susie, NZ

ANSWER: As we always say, every soul creates their own reality and you have crafted yours. Your beliefs vary from what we can see from our prospective in unconditionally loving Source energy.  All originates from our place of observation.

Living, animate, objects have differing interactions with various people. Some people have no contact whatsoever with what we call pets. In other scenarios, the pets create the world of the human. You have a sensitivity to the energy contained within animals, and whether the animal be animated by a soul or energy alone, you see them all as individuals, which they are.

Souls come to Earth to learn within the duality by using their freedom of choice. They will frequently make contracts or agreements with other souls to interact with them in some fashion for that purpose of learning. But sometimes the soul chooses to create the environment for their learning, using objects that have no soul. This does not make the event any less dynamic for the individual, but it just isn’t with another soul.

Animated objects without souls respond to the actions of everything around them so that they cannot be distinguished from a soul-bearing animal. Many people have the belief that their pet chicken, pig, lamb, or calf has a soul because of their actions, when the majority do not. They will swear that the animal is sentient and responsive to the love they are bestowing upon it, which they are. A soul is not needed for that activity. Even a plant can respond to stimuli from a person.

We honor your choice to feel as you do. But aren’t your statements a bit judgmental? Judging another is the work of the ego, which exists only within the positive/negative realm. Evaluating, and giving some credence, to the opinions of others is a spiritual approach from a place of unconditional love. Vibrations have trouble rising out of a negative environment where judgment lurks.

Not emotional about kids

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters two of my children seem to have chosen difficult life lessons. One seems to be bipolar and exceptionally demanding; the other is an addict. With regard to my daughter, is she really incapable of supporting herself (she wants to move back into the family home) or is she seeing how far she can go with us? I know she is an old soul and trying to experience difficult situations, but she doesn’t seem to want to help herself. She keeps threatening suicide.  The other child is apparently on a path of self-destruction.  But why do I seem so removed from the emotions that their actions should provoke? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: Your daughter is trying to see how much you will empower her sense of irresponsibility. You have enabled her in the past, mainly due to her threats, to live the life she chooses. What you do in the future is up to you. The reason this is not having the impact on you that her actions have in the past is that you have become more aware of the spiritual energies afoot.

Everyone has freedom of choice to live their lives as they wish. In the case of people like your daughter, they try to see if they can influence others to do their bidding. This is all about lessons each is working on: one to try and be in control and the other to see if they can learn from being controlled or if they can remove themselves from the influence of the controller. You have learned to honor your choices and ignore her demands.

Your self-destructive child is very confused and is running away from life and responsibility. They deaden themselves so they don’t have to acknowledge the rest of the world. This, too, is a life lesson and their choice. Right now, they are not near to understanding what it is they wish to accomplish, but don’t give-up on them – just don’t facilitate their addiction.

Threats made by manipulators are to play on your sense of guilt and duties as a parent. Once a person starts intentionally making decisions for themselves, it is time to step away and let them see the other side of decision making – that of responsibility. Your daughter can take care of herself if she works at it, but she is lazy. It is time to let her find her way.

This isn’t bothering you so much because you sense the spiritual journeys each is undertaking. You know they will not do anything unless they choose to do it. You have moved out of judgment and are in the area of evaluation covered in unconditional love. You have held their hands long enough. Time to start letting them live the life of their choice.

Is the Earth flat?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters we are living in times when there is so much disinformation around us that it seems to be hard for many people to separate fact from fiction. I have met many people who seriously believe that Earth is flat. Is it flat? I personally believe that Mother Earth is a round one. Why is this flat earth – theory spreading wildly at these times and what is the spiritual purpose for this wild theory? ~Galathea, Finland

ANSWER: No, the world, in the illusion of most of those living at this time, is a mis-shaped sphere. This majority tends to accept this description because it has been photographed so many times from space.

We say “the illusion” because everything is energy and energy is everything – including the bodies all the souls have chosen to wear. Since each soul creates its own reality, the many possibilities for solidly recognized and shared objects is as plentiful as there are people alive.

What a person believes is based upon the beliefs which they accept as factual. This is true concerning the composition of Earth’s physical objects, as well as the philosophical and religious thinking and historical facts, including creation and evolution theories.

It is a practice among people who are thoroughly entrenched in the ego judgment of society, where negativity rules, to want someone to tell them what they should believe. They don’t want the responsibility of having to make decisions for themselves. This allows the conspiracy theorists and the flatlanders to have a ready supply of humans to convince that what they are saying is true.

Some of these “know-it-alls” spread their crazy ideas to see how many people they can get to believe them. Some even have contests with other conspirators to see how many people they can get on board with their pronouncements. When it comes to philosophies and religious beliefs, they will form groups or churches and live off the contributions of their adherents.

Some other commonly touted, current, non-supported theories are that the WWII Holocaust never happened; man did not set foot on the moon; a single evil cabal controls the world’s finances; various government officials from many countries are actually aliens. There are many more.

The spiritual purpose of everything a human faces has to do with honoring their own journey, taking responsibility for the decisions that allow them to finish their lessons, and moving away from any form of judgment while entering into unconditional love and evaluation of all that surrounds them.