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Choices and judgment

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I’m a vegetarian by choice, because when I had conscious about all forms of life, specially animals, I couldn’t live anymore being part of a system that kills so cruelly with no mercy when now we have so many ways to avoid that. Yes, I must respect all choices, but my heart feels the fear, the despair of the anticipation of death, that I suppose they feel in the time of their killing. Now living in This World is so painful to me and I feel so helpless that sometimes I become sad and ashamed of the behavior of the human race. There is a judgment in that… Please help me, how can I deal with that? ~Paula, Portugal

ANSWER: Every soul chooses what they wish to experience when they come into the duality of planet Earth. Some wish to have only lessons where they try to figure out the choices that will take them from negative energy into positive. Some want to experience only negativity so they might have a deeper sensation of the opposite of Home’s unwavering unconditional love.

While some souls have an empathy for all living animals, some only sense humans, and some don’t feel anything but their own bodies. Animals, other than humans, rarely have a soul and are animated by a spark of life. They are not on the planet to learn life lessons but to play a part in the experiences of souls who have chosen a human existence.

One of your lessons is ego judgment, thinking that you should have an influence on the choices other souls undertake because you know better than they. Who is to say what another should learn and how they should behave? If you make the decisions for another, you are interfering with their freedom of choice and the reason they are incarnate.

For those animals who do not have a soul, you are giving them human thinking and feeling when they are more like plants than humans. They have no fear for their death since they are unaware of what transitioning from living and breathing into food actually entails. You have humanized them in your own image.

Your disdain for the world and its actions arises from the idea that all people should have reached a point of seeking only positive actions at this stage in life. That cannot be so since half the energy on the Earth, at all times, is negative.

Live your life for yourself, not for those around you. Continue to believe as you do, working through those remaining life lessons, but don’t project your beliefs upon others.

Dealing with negativity

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters what is the contract between my and my husband’s soul and How can I end that. He is emotionally draining. He drains everyone around him and fills them with his negative vibes and blames us that we filled him with negative vibes. He is very unhappy soul and I have tried my best even took him for meditation course. He was ok for few months then his negative side overpowered him, and he left it in the middle and blamed me for wasting his time and caused business loss. Was he my partner in past lives also? I am tired of his negative and draining side. Everyone around him is scared of him. Me, our children, his sister, nephew, niece anyone that gets attached to him gets emotionally drained. How can I help that situation? ~Noni, Canada

ANSWER: You are not involved in any specific contract. What you are doing is living with the lessons you chose versus those chosen by your husband. How you can deal with them is to learn the reasoning behind yours, and then that will release the influence of your husband’s. There are a number of beliefs you cling to that direct the way you see this situation.

Your husband is a magnet for negative energy. This is partially because he has a discarnate attached to him who thrives on negative energy, and partially because he wanted to deal with negativity in this life. You were drawn into his arena because you wished to see if you could recognize and remove yourself from the influence of negative people and activities.

The only thing that will defeat a negative drain is to combat it with unconditionally loving energy. If you and all the others whom he is affecting have the intention for him to be bombarded with unconditional love, it will be so, and his negativity will be overrun. Do not under any circumstances engage in arguing with him because it enhances his negative energy when he thinks he has you cowering.

Cover yourself with the white light of love and teach all the others to do it as well. Ask your guides to protect you from his energy and to help him give up his dependency on the negativity and his attachment. Be proactive and aware of how you are feeling before you become overwhelmed.

You have not shared any other lives with this soul. You determine what your life is like from here on out. Make the choices that increase your positivity and protect yourself from his negativity – you create your own reality. Whenever you feel drained, consciously pull in universal life-force energy from the Source energy that is all around you and available merely through using your intention for it to replace the voids within you.

Afraid of rebirth

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, the world is getting worse and especially my country is having more and more religious fundamentalists that treat women like trash. I’m afraid to be reborn and meeting them again, or worse, becoming one of them. What do I do to avoid rebirth? I feel as if I’d rather be in Hell than being reborn amongst these people. ~Kou, Indonesia

ANSWER: Every soul determines for itself when to incarnate into human life and when to remain at Home. You also are the only one who decides where and when you are going to incarnate, what you want to experience during that life, who your family members are, and what you do not want to have occur during that life.

What you think right now has very little, or no, influence on your future since you can only see what faces you at the moment. Back in spirit form, you have the ability to see Earth past, present, and future and to decide if you would like to participate in any particular event or time period. You can reenter sometime in the past history of Earth or in a future time that is totally different from your current life. You can even choose to spend some time on a planet that is not a duality and has no negativity.

Once you get back Home, you will be able to go over what you incarnated for in the first place and whether you had the experiences you sought. You have a council of twelve other souls who help advise you on your further education and discuss what type of continuing lives you could benefit from. But the choice to return is completely yours.