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Looking back through wisdom gained

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’m confused by my choices over the past 58 years. In my 20’s I seriously pursued an acting/singing career and loved it. Then, I made a deathbed promise to the mother of a narcissistic sociopath, married him, abandoned my career, allowed myself to be abused/controlled until I finally left that marriage. I never wanted children, yet I had a miscarriage, stillborn and two children. After divorce, I started a business, and then 5 cancers and 2 accidents shifted my direction again. Recently, I remarried, moved to New Zealand and have complete freedom. Were these incredibly divergent paths my original plan for this lifetime? Was making choices I absolutely knew didn’t feel right and then living out the difficult consequences one of my important lessons? I’ve often wondered if I would have learned my most important soul lessons through an acting career. What’s important for me to learn now moving forward? ~Mary Anne, New Zealand

ANSWER: As you may have guessed from what you put yourself through, you are a very old soul who wished for a divergent and difficult lifetime. If you look back on each thing that happened to you, it is now possible to see how you have learned from each step and been able to move on to the point you inhabit at this time. You are in a place of knowing who you are and have identified all of the strengths a soul may exhibit within a human body.

You first dealt with feeling an obligation to others and that they were more important than you – to the extent of giving up your dreams and future to placate another. Gathering self-confidence and self-worth, you moved on to taking responsibility for yourself and your life with the realization that each soul is on a solo journey through the human existence.

You do have a very strong intuition, but as you say, you didn’t always listen to it. You can go back and see where it would have led to different results. Your business was the point where you started trusting that you can manifest things you desire – when you have the time and lack of interference to do so. The physical roadblocks gave you time to analyze how strong you were, how much you wanted to be in charge, and how the only thing that was really important was the moment and what you did with it.

You never truly gave up acting. Through all the trials and tribulations, you have shown those around you how to live life with dignity and a sharing heart when there seemed to be nothing worth going on for.

In your future, live each day to the fullest, choosing what makes you happy. Share your fantastic spirit with family and friends, and show everyone how older souls never let their humanity get in the way of their spiritual journey for wisdom.

Souls and Ascended Masters

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, firstly, I want to say hello and start to understand the role of an ascended master and their energy. What is difference between a spirit and a soul? I always understood soul is the blueprint of the individual and spirit was a western word for soul. In the east the people associate the person as soul when he or she transitions from the physical. ~Kris, Canada

ANSWER: Terminology constantly gets in the way of understanding. Be flexible and just see how things feel to you. The term “soul” has been given to those pieces of Source that were broken off and given an independent opportunity to come to Earth and learn about the opposite of Source’s perfection. Like Source, souls are eternal, never ceasing to exist. The soul is the essence that animates the human body for it to have physical experiences.

For most spiritual people, “spirit” has come to mean the soul when it is not having a physical experience but is at Home in the unconditional love energy of the universe. Since a soul never completely inhabits the human body – some of it remains at Home or travels around deciding what to do next – the part not attached to the body is also called the spirit by some. There is no absolute, right or wrong, way to use the terms.

Ascended Masters are souls who have left the physical plane after completing a series of lives where they learned everything that is possible about a certain human characteristic. Ascended souls may have mastered abuse situations both as abuser and abused; addictions, whether mental, emotional, or physical such as to chemical substances; control issues, both controlling and being controlled; or learning all about love – romantic, emotional, self-, and unconditional.

The energy of the Masters is unconditionally loving, with no touch whatsoever of ego or judgment. Their observations are purely evaluative, to assist others in gaining the wisdom they possess. In the scheme of things, they are not considered to be any better or less than any other soul; they have just attained a wisdom that allows them to see all sides of any lesson.

Self-choices and lessons

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter has died. When we are reunited in the spirit world, can we decide never to be separated again? Or do the guides decide these things? I have told her to wait for me so that we can be together. Why did she die? Was it pre-arranged? Was it my failing as a mother that contributed to her ending her life? What lessons did we both have to learn from this experience? If a suicide is not predetermined—why doesn’t something happen to stop it? My daughter died while I was cooking in the kitchen and her friend slept less than a meter from her. If it was not predestined, wouldn’t something different have happened–that is, I could have walked into the room, her friend could have woken up, the phone could have rung? Why would anyone agree to so much suffering in life? ~Luci, Australia

ANSWER: Every soul makes its own decisions about whom they spend time with and when they incarnate together. No one else – guide, adviser or other soul – makes those choices for them. Once you are together again, you will talk and decide what you feel is the best for each of you in your continuing existence, which, remember, is eternal.

Your daughter chose the lessons she came to Earth to learn. Some of the lessons involved making contracts with you and others who were to share the planet at the same time. She had chosen to return early mainly for the opportunity it gave to those who remained behind to examine their feelings and understanding about why some choices are made and what can be learned from them.

Your lessons involved guilt, abandonment, and a sense of betrayal. Her friend questions the entire event and what she should have seen, known, and done to prevent it. Other family and friends have done the “what if” routine as a way of trying to understand what your daughter did. But this is not about your daughter as much as it is about the evolution of those who remained behind and their understanding about the journey of the soul from one lifetime to another.

It is only in negativity and suffering that the soul has the experiences that awaken it to the wisdom of the lesson chosen and how to learn from it and apply that knowledge to all other similar events in life.