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All about attracting and manifesting

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, Please explain the laws of attraction and manifestation and how they correlate with individual free will, divine will and opposing forces. I have used attraction and manifestation techniques and felt it working, but then people use their free will to stop it from occurring. Who wins when one person wants something to happen and another wants the opposite? I once sent energy for a chipper and the next week a chipper was for sale across from my house. I knew it was for me, but the man wanted too much money. Someone else bought it. Why didn’t he lower the price for me, or give it to me freely? How does that work? Why doesn’t the price I want to pay attach to the manifestation? Please explain. It appears to me that opposing laws, rules or forces run counter to laws of attraction and manifestation that nobody mentions. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: All souls have free will, which is exercised using their freedom of choice in the direction of the lessons they learn on Earth and how they go about them. As you use it here, there is no divine will because that would mean that someone or something outside of you determines what is going to happen in your life and you have absolutely no say. (To mess with your mind a little, since you are a piece of Source energy, you are divine, and using your freedom of choice could be called divine will.)

Opposing forces occur when two souls having their own experiences interact, and each has a different outcome in mind. You can only control your own reality unless another party chooses to let you take the lead and follows along. No one is any stronger in a disagreement until one party gives up.

When you are using manifestation to attract something you desire, the intention goes out into the universe and is received in energy. That energy will attract corresponding energy and find a way to make it come to your awareness. It will not cause others to change the price of an item they think is correct, or to openly give it to you because you want it. They maintain their reality and the desires they have. With the chipper, your neighbor’s manifestation was for someone to buy it at the price he deemed proper, and that is what happened.

After the sale, your intention was still out in the universe and all you had to do was continue to look for it instead of blaming your neighbor for not “listening” to your broadcast. Your opposing forces are not in conflict with each other; they are just not in alignment. You have to look for what aligns with your attraction. The only time you can be in total control is when you are the only one involved in your manifestation.

The miraculous success stories written about the law of attraction occurred when different people shared the same desires and came together through using energy to look for each other. Broaden your expectations when you put energy into manifestation, and you will see it can be very successful. But the fact that you want something will not force others to see things your way unless they are so inclined.

Can humans help elevate consciousness?

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, Brothers, guides of the Great White Light, greetings to you. There is much chaos on this Earth. How can we in human body form meaningfully assist in bringing about elevated consciousness and positive energy for the betterment of mankind? ~Ecca, Australia

ANSWER: The simple answer is that you can’t! Souls opting for human experiences come to Earth to use their freedom of choice to learn who they really are (that is, a soul with all-encompassing powers and abilities) and also to go through third-dimensional lessons that give them knowledge and wisdom. This journey takes place in negativity because that is the only way souls are presented with the choice to see the positive aspects of each lesson and to understand why negativity is not a part of the universal unconditional love that is their state at Home.

Some lifetimes are selected for existence in complete negativity. If you introduce positive loving energy into those persons’ lives, you will interfere and prevent them from having the experiences that they desire. Souls who have completed all, or a majority, of their chosen lessons do want to reach an elevated consciousness because it gets them closer to understanding who they are as a piece of Source. Humans struggling with an acceptance of making choices and assuming responsibility are not in any position to benefit from elevated consciousness, and it would hinder human growth and understanding.

“The good, the bad, and the ugly” is how mankind is seen by the ego-based judgmental society and what defines many souls’ pathways. Earth was created as a duality, an equal amount of negative and positive energy and experiences. If the balance tips one way for those on their spiritually enlightened path, it dumps more negativity toward those who are using that energy to grow through their life lessons.

You can’t get others to believe what you believe or do what you want them to do unless they agree. Some souls shy away from working on their lessons by holding on to the coattails of someone who will make all their decisions for them. If you take the role of knowing what others need, you are preventing them from making use of this life and they will go Home without finishing anything. Most will then return and do it all over again. If you want to help fellow travelers, send them unconditional love energy that they might see and understand why they came here and then have the initiative to learn their lessons.

Known vs. unknown

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been married for 13 years with the impression that there is always something missing in our marriage. Today I’m able to feel that we are important to each other in spiritual matters, but I ask you if it is enough to keep two people together? I believe both of us know we mustn’t stay together any longer, but why we insist to be together? ~Adriano, Brazil

ANSWER: You two had many plans to assist each other in this lifetime and, as you have come to realize, have completed all your agreements. It now becomes a time when, to spiritually advance beyond where you are, you need to find stimulation from other people.

Your souls have let each of you know this, but all the wonderful times and learning experiences you have shared make it difficult to think of doing your life all over again with someone else. You have freedom of choice, and you can stay exactly as you are or you can split, still remaining in contact, and partner with others trying new experiences.

Change is very difficult for most humans. You spend so much time in one situation that it becomes a comfort zone – you always know exactly what the outcome of every event is going to be and you have no fear. When you think about doing something totally different, of which you do not know the outcome, you feel out of control and fearful of the results. This makes a lot of souls hesitant to move out of that comfort zone.

On the spiritual journey nothing is right or wrong. Everything you do is for the learning occurrences. Think abut it, talk it over, and then decide what your next step will be – alone or together.