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Do heirarchies exist

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, could you clarify for me in what order of hierarchy do Buda, Jesus Christ, Maitreya, M. Trivedi, Grigori Grabovoi and the others that are helping humanity doing miracles, etc.- who comes first? Or are they working together? What would anyone do to help? Are Maitreya’s energy transmissions efficient? Could you also please explain the articles that accuse Maitreya of being the antichrist? I will appreciate your help. ~Maria, Puerto Rico

ANSWER: Many of the names you ask about are designations for personality traits that one might have if they entered a body, came to Earth, and took part in the education and enlightenment of the populace. Hierarchies, and religiously required characteristics are not found anywhere but the duality of your planet.

Within religious, occult, and philosophical organizations there are very structured requirements for those who follow their group to adhere to and hold a belief in. In order to establish some of these rules, statements are attributed to persons who have been known to have held these qualities. Some of these alleged masters are part of folklore or legend. If they are based on people who lived on Earth, those souls had as many human traits controlled by ego as the common man but overcame them to spiritually ascend.

All souls broke off from Source in the unconditionally loving atmosphere of undefined space. Each soul has identical abilities and powers. Some have made a practice of using their talents to help struggling souls on Earth still suffering from amnesia as to their own abilities. There is absolutely no negativity in this space, so an “anti-” anything could not originate from there.

Many have taught about souls’ ability to break away from structure to a place of thinking for themselves and using their freedom to choose where they go and what they do – and particularly what they believe. You should examine all these beliefs you ask about and see if they are important to your life. If they are important, who made the decision that they were? How do you “feel” about each and every judgment? Are you controlled by judgment? That is an indication that your ego is directing your interest. When you let go of ego, you accept everyone’s opinion of things even if it does not resonate with you. Live by the beliefs that feel good to you and ignore all others.

Artificial insemination

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been unable to have children now finally I’m proceeding for egg donor programe. What are my lessons in this infertility and lack of healing through medicine and holistics? I believe souls are assigned when egg and sperm meets and there is life. I know souls choose their parents, their looks and everything. In my case someone else’s eggs and my husband sperm will be used and then I’ll carry the baby. I’m very confused, scared mixed feeling.  So what is the role of the donor here? I mean does that soul have a contract with the donor because the child will be genetically connected to her? Or is the soul choosing me and my husband as his /her parents? How this works? ~Anonymous, India

ANSWER: You have a tendency to overthink your problems. You establish very specific expectations and desires and fear anything that deviates from your plans. One of your life lessons is learning to accept other people and alternative ways to do things. Patience and flexibility need to be learned.

Souls are not assigned at any particular time. You and your husband had made a contract with the child’s soul while you were all still at Home. This soul would enter any bundle of cells designated for your family. That could have been through natural means, or insemination, or adoption.

It is understandable to be scared about this situation with which you are not totally in agreement. Your fear has been blocking a number of procedures that were tried in the past – don’t let it block the happiness of having a child. The egg may not come from your body but it will grow in your body. You will be sustaining it until birth, exchanging blood and nutrition. It will not know the donor but will exist because of you. It is your child.

Children develop family characteristics more from the environment than from genetics. Teach the child as if it originated from your ovum. The donor merely contributed some eggs; without you it would go no further. Take pride in the fact that you will bring the child to term and produce a happy, healthy baby.

Your father is with us and wants only your happiness. You will make a fantastic mother if you give it a try.

One master for another

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Masters I was born in to an atheist family. I converted to Islam when I was 15 some 13 years ago. I have always been very strong in my beliefs. This December my father passed away of cancer. The moment he took his last breath and passed I felt I lost my faith and had a very strong urge to go and see a medium something which is forbidden in Islam. She told me I had strong powers and could do what she did but I block it out and that I have many spirits around me? I am confused in what I believe now and am wondering if I’m on the right path? I’m due to see another medium next week for more guidance. ~Jen, England

ANSWER: You have always possessed a need to be told what to do. It is very easy to adopt complete sets of regulations handed over by another and not take any responsibility for the rules by which you pattern your life. Islam provides a very beautiful way to live. It completely covers every action in your life, how you behave, how you talk, how you think, what you wear, but mostly what you believe.

As a teenager you sought these controls since nothing had provided them and you felt you existed in a void. The religion alone does not explain why bad things happen to good people, so with your father’s passing, you felt it failed you. Recently you had heard about mediums and thought they could: one, tell you what to do, and two, contact your father for advice.

All souls have the ability to communicate through the dimensions with the souls in the nonphysical realm. They must accept they have the ability to connect or it will never happen. You have had many incarnations and learned much. In this life, you have not accepted your innate powers and abilities. Relaxation is the starting point.

Depending on other people for guidance is one way to proceed. There is another. Learn to make the contact yourself and seek that advice from friends and guides on the Other Side. Once you establish a connection, know they will never tell you what to do – they will only advise you of the possibilities. The time to be directed is gone. This is the period when you have to step up and make your own decisions. Accept responsibility for those decisions utilizing your freedom of choice and what “feels” right for you. What resonates as you push away the negativity and seek out the positive is your path.