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Can believing something make it true?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am curious about scientific results tied to the belief of the experimenter. For example, if 3 scientists did the same experiment, would all 3 have the same outcome denoting a group or universal absolute truth? When scientists do studies & make bold statements, like eating certain foods causes inflammation in the body, or 85% of people are Vitamin D deficient, would this mean only the people who hear those results and believe such to be true would have that reaction or truth? What is science if there is never just one absolute truth? Is truth fluid? You incorporate any belief yourself or from scientific study into your life & it holds true only because you resonate with that truth, which can be revolving as long as you decide to hang onto that notion as a truth or then ditch it. So you could tell yourself you are not vitamin D deficient & would not be? ~Jen, Canada

ANSWER: You are mixing belief systems from the conscious and the unconscious together with pure science, not involving quantum variables, and life lessons. Belief systems are the rules and regulations that we consciously and unconsciously adhere to because we have been trained to accept them. Most of these we follow unconsciously because we do not know how impactful they are upon our lives, or we haven’t identified their effect upon us. When we “see” them  for the first time, they become conscious, and we then make the decision either to change them or continue to follow them. These are mostly behavioral.

There are then the purely scientific things—such as the weight of an object, the temperature at which it melts, burns, or freezes—which are fairly constant or universally absolute, as you say. These are the solids, gases, minerals, and chemicals in their pure, unadulterated and uncombined forms. But even these factors are affected by humidity, altitude, temperature, and size of sample. To approach an absolute you have to be able to reproduce exactly every minute factor involved.

Once you start talking about physical beings, all bets are off as far as finding an absolute is concerned. No two human beings are identical, even identical twins once they are born and start living separate lives. Three factors influence the type of results you mention. First, how is the physical organism functioning? Second, does the person realize they have the ability to manifest influences on their physical body? And, thirdly, is there any lesson they agreed to experience that will affect numbers one or two?

If your body has absorbed toxic substances, it has toxic substances. If there is no lesson involved can you rid yourself of the toxins? Yes! Can you live with them and not get sick if you believe you will not get sick and don’t need to learn differently? Yes! Are the toxins not there just because you don’t know they are there? No!

So when we say there are no absolutes, we are referring to the journey of the soul on the mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical planes.

Out of the blue

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am happily married, but out of the blue a man from work has entered my life whom I feel drawn to. I have this strange feeling we have met before and I want to help him. He feels a connection as well but neither of us can explain it!! He knows I’m married and would never cheat on my husband, but will we be able to just be friends? Is this man a member of my soul group? Have we shared past lives? Have we met for a specific reason now? ~Michelle, UK

ANSWER: This gentleman is a member of your soul group. You have shared a number of lives, which is why you feel so comfortable together. That déjà vu feeling comes from connecting with the energies you have previously experienced with each other.

Your need to “help” him comes from uncompleted contracts from the past. It was a failure on his behalf, not yours. You do not owe him anything. He has made contracts with others to learn the lesson he chose in the previous life but could not finish. In this life he is not as aware of his soul journey as you are of yours. He just knows when he feels an attraction to someone and thinks that any attraction must be physical—mostly sexual.

You can easily remain friends with him as long as you do not allow him to suck you into his drama. For you he is here to define who you are and what this life means to you. He is pulling on your emotions, and you must see if there is a lesson for you— something that will allow you to see what you feel about romantic entanglements. His position in this meeting is to learn that not all friends of the opposite sex are potential sex partners. He is here to learn about sharing connections in order to understand himself and life.

Ascension facts

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, when people on Earth ascend in this lifetime, what will happen to married couples and families? Will all married couples and their children be living together after ascension, assuming all of them are able to ascend, even if they are from different soul groups? I’m from a different soul group from the woman I love deeply and truly, as I’m a much older soul. I wish very much to be with her after ascension. Please advise. ~Adrian, Singapore

ANSWER: Once they leave the duality of planet Earth, souls are able to do whatever they desire. What soul group people belong in does not restrict them to a particular place. Very few souls truly ascend from the human experience. In order to ascend they must have mastered that which they came to Earth to experience.

Some people refer to the transition from the death of the human body as an ascension, since the soul may return Home to the unconditional love of Source. The intention they have at the time of departure sets the stage for the soul immediately after leaving Earth. You have lived many lifetimes and have loved dozens of other souls as dearly and truly as you love your current spouse. You may be with any or all of them when you are in soul form.

From your question, we assume that you are talking about the discussion currently ongoing concerning possible changes happening in 2012. Because of the huge number of enlightened souls on the planet at this time, the exact result of this transition period is not certain. What most people are calling an “ascension” process is merely a mass exodus from the planet. This will occur as a normal transition into soul form. However, a soul group may manifest a place to maintain their physical form with other souls, but all such souls would have to be at the same vibration and generate the same manifestation to remain together.