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When angels come to Earth

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I am well aware that some souls on Earth can be seen, by those with the gift, to be angels on Earth. My question is: if they are experiencing an Earthly life are their actions always angelic? Or do they sometimes react like those of us completing our planned experience? I have been told that someone in my family, whom I cannot trust, is an angel. Why do I feel like this about the person?                     ~Valerie, UK

ANSWER: Not all souls who start out their existence as angels-those who choose to act from Home as guides for souls having a human experience-remain at Home. Once a guide has watched and helped other souls learn lessons and experience emotions and physical experiences that can only be had in the duality of Earth, most want to have experiences of their own.

Source created souls so it could learn all about itself-what it was not. Source is unconditional love. Everything that is not uncompromising unconditional love adds information and eventually wisdom to the experience of existence. In order to learn, it is necessary to start from a place of having no information. This is accomplished by the incarnate soul starting with amnesia as to its true identity.

When a soul who has spent time as an angel decides to have a physical experience, it comes into its body with the same degree of amnesia shared by all other souls. In order to learn from a lesson it has the same pattern of being confronted by a test, using its freedom of choice to work through the test, and gathering the knowledge the experience allows it. It is working through the same type lessons as all other souls, so, yes, it can be a nasty, deceitful, hateful individual. That does not remove the energy signature at a deeper level of what it has done in the past. Psychics may be able to pick up the residue of its angelic work.

Regardless of its past, it is the present interaction with this person that you are feeling. You are reacting to the person’s current mission in life. It is a learning lesson for both of you.

Childhood a reflection of purpose?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, many spiritual counselors say in order to find your true purpose in life you have to go back to your childhood and find what you’ve dreamed about and enjoyed doing as a child. Coming from a dysfunctional family, I did not have a normal childhood. I’ve meditated and gone back to find my true calling; however, all I can remember is having an adult responsibility as a child. What do I have to do to find out my true purpose so I may find a career that I can really enjoy and fulfill my life?                                                      ~Victoria, USA

ANSWER: What these counselors say is true if you come down to Earth with the intention to experience most of your life lessons while you have the adult mentality to work through them. Then you will have leisurely spent your early life dreaming of the way you will use your freedom of choice to assist you through your lessons. Your dreams are similar to a run-through of your upcoming trials and tribulations. You envision exactly what will assist your purpose and also make you happy in the way of a job and you visualize these possibilities.

It is different when your lessons start almost at day one of your existence. You are spending so much effort just going through each day that you have no time to spend visualizing an alternate or better solution.

You have been fulfilling your purpose from early on in this lifetime. You have worked through control issues, lack of love, watching family members on a self-destruction path, and you have persevered. You have begun to accept yourself as being different from them, a strong person of self-worth, and are now beginning to honor yourself. You still have to dream forward. That is to say, take the time to feel what you want to do in life. Then go out and do it.

Your choices are boundless, as long as you accept that they are. Meditate on the perfect ending for your difficult beginning. Know that you are capable of doing anything that you desire. Part of your life lessons is to start anew with your dreams as an adult. Create your own future.

How much is too much?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend who has many challenges in her life, mostly revolving around her children, her money, and her cats. In the last four years or so, I have helped financially, definitely more than I should have, and now I am trying just to help with transportation, moral support, and love. However, she just keeps getting in deeper. I’m working on my own spiritual path and am trying to see this from a soul level. Many of the answers you have sent recently have helped me, but I’m at the point where I could use a little feedback as to my involvement in her life. I love her dearly and want to help in the best way for both of us.              ~Connie, USA

ANSWER: Humans have a need to be accepted and to do what they think society wants of them. This generally puts them into situations where they give, give, give always to others without a whole lot of thought about themselves. A scenario like this one allows some who are the recipients to avoid having to take responsibility for their own actions. They merrily go their reckless way while others come along and pick up the pieces strewn in their wake.

Your friend and her children chose each other knowing the characteristics each would have. When you step in, thinking that you are rescuing the children, you are enabling the mother. She never thinks out the consequences of her actions because someone will come and bail her out, or at least keep her afloat. The only way for her to get the picture is to sink on her own and find a way to come back to the surface. The children are observing how their mother behaves and are taking notes for later in their lives.

During the time you have been working to know your true self, you have realized some of the actions taking place. Each soul is responsible for learning the lessons it predetermined to experience. Each person must come to his or her own realization about those lessons, and really can’t do that unless the facts are faced. It is a lesson for you to decide how to handle the situation from here on out.

Honor the lessons she has set up. Send your best intentions to her for an easy resolution. She is going to have to take some tumbles before she can see what others have been keeping her from tackling.