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Finding the way

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Q: Masters, I have read a lot of spiritual material and feel that my energy matches many of its principles. Your messages also resonate with me—but I don’t know what the next step in my development should be.

A: Dear One, you are in a delicate situation. You have found or have been led to information that is a key to your continued enlightenment. For you to begin to integrate and live within these feelings you must accept them as your own and tell other people about them. This is very difficult to do, unless you are with like- minded individuals, especially if your new principles conflict with belief systems that have defined your world up to this point.

May we suggest that the first step is to find a group that believes as you do or feels as you feel. If our words resonate with you, there are some groups that follow these tenets, such as the Unity and the Science of Mind churches, where you may feel at home. Also important is for you to experience mind/body practices that make you aware of the energies within your body. They include meditation, yoga, and tai chi, which may give you a sense of certainty about your new path.

What we find crucial to total personal integration is that you hear yourself “lay claim” to your new beliefs. These may include that you are made in the image and likeness of the Source, and that you were broken off from Source and therefore have the power to intentionally manifest the things that you desire. By laying claim to beliefs we mean that until you tell others what it is you now believe, you will not feel comfortable existing simultaneously in two different worlds, the old and the new.

Q: Why can’t I do that?

A: The ego within the human mind controls conscious activity very powerfully. The beliefs of your childhood and the teaching of others, which you have readily accepted, act as default settings. They are superimposed over all new ideas by your ego until you overwrite those beliefs by actually speaking your new truths to yourself and others. Until you feel comfortable admitting to yourself how you now see yourself, keeping a journal acknowledging your acceptance of these new principles will start the process of conversion to your new way of thinking and living. May your journey be comfortable.

Celestial Voices Staff Comment
As of the date of this message, neither Toni nor Peter (the organizers) is currently a member or attends congregational meetings of either the Association of Unity Churches International or the United Church of Religious Science, mentioned informally by the Masters. We see that both church organizations have websites and understand that they welcome enquirers. (For readers who may be unfamiliar with these churches, we add that they differ markedly in belief and purpose from the Church of Scientology.)