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Being aware of spirits

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Q. Masters, I see lights out of the corner of my eye that float around the room. What are they? They seem to be more prevalent when I am happy.

A. Spiritual Being, you are seeing others of your kind. Souls that are not incarnate (in physical form) are in energetic form and may appear to float as they move around. As they move in the atmosphere that you inhabit, they disrupt the air, and then they become visible to the human eye—if you allow yourself to be aware of them. What is necessary for someone to see free souls is, first, a belief that other non-physical souls exist and, second, an acceptance that you can see them.

We are very pleased that your media has given more people a greater understanding of the basic principles of soul life, through your various television series. Ghosts, reincarnation, voices from beyond, animal communication, all these experiences are becoming commonplace to you—opening your perspective of possibilities. All souls exist at Home in unconditional love. When you are happy it brings in more love—love of self, love of life, love of others—and that draws more souls to help you share and celebrate love. Practice living in love and we will always be there to rejoice with you.

Is sickness inevitable?

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Q. Masters, my mother, aunt, and sister all have breast cancer. Am I destined to get it, or is there something I can do to prevent the experience?

A. Sweet sister, you may be said to have a “genetic predisposition” to this affliction that has run throughout your family because you share the same common human gene pool. That said, we assure you that you have the freedom of choice to select the experiences that you have during each lifetime.

You may have selected this particular family either so that you could experience this ailment, or so that you would be in a situation of having to deal with the emotion of having many close relatives being afflicted in this way. At this time we cannot tell you which is the case for you, because you are still making life decisions. We may not interfere with your choices—neither by telling you what you had previously decided, nor by explaining what the consequences of your various options will be for your body.

You must understand, however, that you do have the ability, both on a conscious and on an unconscious level, to prevent certain disorders from entering your system if you do not need to have that particular experience. You may also rid yourself of disorders that have impacted your body if you understand why you chose them in the first place; you then no longer need to deal with them. The reason you elected to have an experience may be that it can help you to define feelings about yourself, or may prove to you that you really can reverse adverse situations.

Your entire human life is but one lesson that keeps changing and evolving. You are the designer, the architect, the builder, maintenance personnel, and the owner of your life’s journey. Enjoy your happy, fulfilling trip.

Night travels

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Q: Masters, sometimes when I wake up, at first I don’t seem to be able to move my body at all. What is happening to me?

A: Loving soul, you are experiencing the return of a large portion of your essence to your body. Your entire soul does not remain in your body at all times. There is always a portion of it that is at Home in the energy of unconditional love, but during wakefulness, the majority is within your conscious body. In order for bodies to be viable (alive), each must have an attachment to a soul, but the majority of the soul can be elsewhere.

At night, your soul goes on various expeditions, visiting your guides and teachers and other souls who are part of your soul group. You also go to consult your akashic (celestial) records (where you have recorded all the lessons that you learned in other lifetimes), so that you can determine if you will need some of that past wisdom during your present life. Occasionally you may be aware of some of these happenings as you recall them in dreams. You may have gone off with a large chunk of your soul because you have multiple or complicated tasks to perform. Then, should you begin to wake up before your body has acclimated to the return of your essence, and not enough of your nerves have become active again, you will be fully conscious but physically unable to move your body until the “juice” has permeated throughout your cells. It is nothing to be concerned about. Try to recall what was happening just before you awakened. You may find it interesting.