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Lessons from Forrest Gump

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I watched a movie called Forrest Gump. In this movie, it’s shown how Mr. Gump is flowing with the divine flow of life without any judgement whereas people around him think he is dumb and a fool. Is this the way human beings are supposed to live/flow?  Can you please guide me how we should perceive life in divine ways? ~Rai, India

ANSWER: You have picked up on the spiritual message of Forrest Gump that is missed by most of the world. Forrest lives in a world of non-ego, non-judgment. This is the state of unconditional love where everything and everyone is honored for the choices they have made and not criticized or graded on their decisions. He honors his own choices and isn’t influenced by anyone else. However, the unfortunate story line makes it seem as if only those of limited intelligence can exist in this fantastic situation.

One theory is that the writers wanted people to see the blissfulness of such a life style but didn’t think that society would accept the probability for themselves unless the subject was of reduced mentality. Others say the message is that living day to day in the moment opens you to all the possibilities normally missed when you are too caught up in yourself. Others think it is a film about potential for those of minimal intelligence. While still others believe it is just a love story.

For those on a path of enlightenment, it shows how one may live in the fourth dimension, rejecting all negativity and always choosing positive thoughts and actions. This is a lifestyle and not an indication that it not possible for anyone who chooses to live this way. Go with the flow of unconditional love by banning all negativity and judgment from your life. Enjoy the blissful love of an environment with nothing but positive love energy.

Home, Source, your place of origin is unconditional love. It is difficult to attain that energy on Earth where the default emotion and action for humanity is negativity. It can be done; it just takes some work.

The role of your guides

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters is it possible to have agreement with the Spirit Guide NOT to be guided in life, except for emergencies? I have strange relationship with my Guide. He was around when I was little, I know how he looks and sounds, he was in my dreams a lot when I was a kid, but after puberty he only shows up in life threatening or extreme situations. I had “life between lives” hypnosis session and saw how we met after my previous life, and I told him to leave me alone, and he did. I wonder if we have an agreement to let me live this life with minimal guidance? I can meditate, I feel relaxed, have beautiful visions of flowers and landscapes, but no guidance – unless I am in danger, then I can HEAR his voice fully awake. Can you give me a bit of insight on this? ~Irina USA

ANSWER: Your guides are not there to lead the way in your life; they are merely advisors like those people in school who tell you all the possibilities but don’t make the decisions for you. Any spirit with whom you communicate, if it is of the Light – in other words, exists in the unconditional love of Home – will not interfere in your life unless or until asked.

When a human first acknowledges their guides, the guides think that is an open invitation to speak their mind and give their opinion in all circumstances. As you aged, you expressed frustration with what you perceived as constant intrusion in your decision making. At that time, you told the guides to “take a hike” and stop interfering unless you were in a situation where you needed immediate assistance and did not realize the danger of the moment. They complied.

This is the normal interaction between spirit guides from the unconditional love of Home and souls having a human experience. It is not the case with spirits who attempt to influence your decisions, who are not of the Light but are discarnate souls who have left their human bodies and for some reason decided not to return to unconditional love.

Discarnate spirits have no rules when it comes to trying to influence you. If a person is unfortunate enough to inadvertently invite one to interact with them, they take full advantage and try to “highjack” the body for their own uses.

In that situation, it is imperative that the human take action to withdraw the permission that had been given. Building up a store of unconditional positive love energy, with the admonishment that the discarnate is no longer welcome and is being asked to leave, repeated three times, will generally do the trick. Burning sage incense, which discarnates cannot stand, will also help. They also don’t like lighted candles. Your own guides, or archangels such as Michael, can also assist in the removal.

Too much alike to ignore

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my mother always had emotional problems, frequently she says things to make people uncomfortable, she always blames everybody and says she is a victim of every situation. She had problem with every person of the family and now she is getting old, me and my sister don’t feel comfortable in taking care of her. I don’t even feel love about her, I don’t hate her, but I don’t want her making my life a turbulence because of her psychic outbreaks. She affects me because I believe that I’ve got her energetic identity since my childhood so this is a thing which I have to deal for the rest of my life. Please help me to understand this situation. ~Cr, Brazil

ANSWER: Your mother is a very fearful, unhappy person who has always liked to be the center of attention. She does not take any responsibility for what she says or does and tries to get people into conflict with each other. Your mother has been a manipulative person your entire life and has created a belief in you that you cannot do anything but comply with her quirks in the manner she has trained you.

Her effect on you has nothing to do with your energetic identity but with the fact that she has programmed you to act the way she does. You do not see any alternatives so you go along like a meek pet and respond to her threats and actions as she has ordained. You do have freedom of choice, but it does not become active until you realize what your choices are.

No one can affect the life of another person unless that person allows them to cause a disruption. If you tolerate your mother’s rantings without engaging in the fray, she will get tired when no one responds or plays along. Accept that she has always been this way, and her aging infuriates her because she feels she has lost control. While you are aware of her antics, you don’t quake and stand in fear and awe anymore, and she is seeking to get you to react.

Laugh at her as you would any misguided, misbehaving child. Tell her you are not going to be a part of her guilt trips because they do not involve you. Inform her that you will no longer tolerate her outbursts and that she will not be welcome in your presence if she persists with them. Talk with her about other places she might have to stay if she continues to be irresponsible.