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The Lightbody

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters on our spiritual journey of learning and experiencing can we access our lightbodies or merkabah without going on a course?? Can we “Remember” ourselves? If we ask the masters will they help us to sense, feel, and communicate with our lightbody? ~Sian, United Kingdom

ANSWER: The merkabah or lightbody has been a part of your history since recorded time. Religions see it as the chariot that carries the person to heaven. Mysticism proclaims it the vehicle to ascend from the physical third dimension into higher realms of existence. We associate the terms with the essence of who each of you is as a soul—your Source energy.

Your question then becomes something like: is it possible for me to recognize who I truly am without following someone else’s path, e.g., by taking a course with someone else’s method of recalling who they are? The answer is yes! Interestingly enough, a soul’s purpose for having a human life is to try to remember who they are and what abilities they have in their essential state.

There are a number of methods for activating the lightbody or merkabah to assist in the enlightenment of the body. It may be done on a totally physical level. The energy that creates the vehicle is in the form of a star tetrahedron. This looks like two three-sided triangles with one pointing up and one pointing down. A flat presentation is what most call the Star of David.

In physicality there are three star tetrahedrons around the human body. When one is spun clockwise and another counterclockwise, an electromagnetic energy radiates outward looking similar to a spaceship. The innermost tetrahedron becomes the vessel allowing the human body to travel wherever it desires. Intention is the driving force—where you intend to go, you do.

In meditation, hypnosis, or self-hypnosis it is possible to access your energy or light body without having to involve the physical you. Your soul essence may travel without the encumbrance of the body and easily ascend and visit other dimensions. In all cases of “remembering” who and what you are and reconnecting with that knowledge, your intention is the driving force. “Think it and it shall be” is our motto.

Practice to perfect easy transition from one form to another is important. Your guides and all here will be more than happy to support you, but you must determine which is the best and most comfortable way for you. As in all things there is no one way to do things on Earth. The more you can let go of judging what you are trying to accomplish, the easier it will become.

Choices and beliefs

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have been together with my boyfriend for almost 7 years. He is currently overseas studying while I travel a lot due to work. During one of the work trips, I met another man. Initially it was supposed to be just a fling, ended up we have been seeing each other after that though he knows I am attached. I am trying to stop it but I can’t. We both enjoy each other’s company. I do love my boyfriend but I like the other guy too. What should I do? ~Sho, Singapore

ANSWER: You are being true to yourself, your needs, and your feelings. You are not married, have not signed a commitment to either individual, and yet feel you are under an obligation to act in a certain way because of things you have been taught or learned from others throughout your life. Both you and your boyfriend are living the life each has freely chosen. Just as you are changing while you are away from him, so is he.

The journey of the soul does not say that we pre-commit to certain plans and may not alter them, but rather that you have freedom of choice in all things. It also does not say that each soul has one and only one designated partner. It is possible to love more than one person at a time.

Once you have fallen in love with an individual, it is difficult to ignore those feelings. You then have to make a choice as to what you think about your actions and how much commitment to assign. Since you have no commitments and you are not promising anything to your fling, you are just enjoying the satisfaction physically, mentally, and emotionally that seeing him gives to you. Just because your boyfriend is unavailable, does he expect that you will not take care of physical needs?

To decide what to do at this time, you have to consider your journey, not anyone else’s. If internally you feel you are doing something that is wrong based upon the way you believe you should live, then you have to end one affair or the other. If you feel you are not hurting anyone, since the conditions are very clear to your fling that you have a long-term relationship, then choose to continue. These conflicting associations are giving you a chance to evaluate your present situation and get a feeling for how you wish to live.

Controlling the energy you project

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am generally a happy person but go off at people and situations. I have been argumentative and angry at people for the past few years. I know I am damaging myself with this anger but would like to understand what this anger is all about and what I can do to become more peaceful and less angry. ~Dianne, Australia QUESTION: Masters, I find it very difficult to connect with people, they often don’t see me as friendly and I have no real friends. As much as I would love to (I really admire people who have a lot of friends and deal with social interaction easily) I seem to be unable to make people like me and develop a friendly relationship with them. It’s all very distant and formal. How could I change this situation? ~Mariana, Brazil

ANSWER: You are what you project, think, say, and present to others. They assess your personality and whether they want to have anything to do with you based upon the energy you push at them; hostility or aloofness results in their running the other way and not wanting to have anything to do with you. Unconsciously you are judging what you believe the other people think of you and responding before you realize what you are doing.

The first thing you both need to do is an internal evaluation of what you think about yourself. Arguments and anger arise due to frustration that things are not going as you want them to. You get jealous that others have it the way you want but it doesn’t seem to come to you. You are constantly fighting within yourself to be something you are not presently. You have to work on what you think about yourself so you may project to others the energy you want in return.

Anger and loneliness, feelings of unworthiness, or fear of interacting with others when you don’t know what they want all send danger signals. When you see a red flag, you avoid the area and person for fear of harm. When you see people fleeing from you, it creates even more unhappiness and anger that they just will not take the time to get to know you.

The change must occur within you. You have to love yourself enough to think, feel, and act as you want others to do toward you. Do not judge the behavior of others; accept it as an example of who they are. You do not have to be with those who make you feel uncomfortable. Pull people to you who have the same desires as you do. It is judgment that creates the angers and sense of not fitting in to a group. Change your feelings about yourself; others will come to a calm, loving, willing-to-share person in order to feel as that person does. Become those feelings by choice.