Work at Home

QUESTION: Masters, what can you tell me about my soul’s job in the Spirit World? I was told by a psychic that I work in the Library and help souls to study and integrate their past lives (pretty much what I do now in real life). In my own Life Between Lives hypnosis session I saw myself teaching a shapeshifting class to souls who recently died on Earth and are still stuck in their past life roles and body-image. It was like a theatre class, and I was their drama teacher, they learned to become somebody else in a play, but also see themselves shapeshifting. I also greatly resonate with Explorer Souls and had many lives on other planets or exploring the Universe. I would really like to get some clarity on this! ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: There are no physical locations in the spirit world unless a group of souls collectively choose to create one. Souls are amorphous (without form) in their spiritual Home. While it is true that one soul may assist another soul to integrate back into the life as a soul, or to understand or even plan for a subsequent life, it is mostly done through thought projection.

You are an older soul who has spent many lifetimes incarnate. You have become a Master of all the various ways to help people learn about being souls and to take advantage of the possibilities for growth while on Earth. Knowledge and understanding are your tools.

What you saw in your LBL were some of the various ways you have helped newly returned souls out of their in-between phase of not totally accepting their energetic state, which incidentally causes them to remain partially in the physical dimension until they release their physical form. You were demonstrating to them how they shift from one form into another to start a different life.

You have indeed explored other worlds, besides your duality, in order to achieve knowledge that you could share with others and potentially help guide them to new experiences they might never have considered. This is all part of your choice to be an advisor for journeying souls.

All your lives have been spent putting together a personal library of reference material in your passion for helping others. This has played a major role in most of your previous lives, and your current one as well. It still holds passionate energy, as many times as you have chosen to get involved, and you will probably choose to continue – but the choice is yours.