Dreams and dreaming

QUESTION: Masters what are dreams? Do we go into a different plane when we’re dreaming? What is the difference between dream yoga and lucid dreaming? Is our subconscious mind awake? There’re many reasons why I want to know because I’ve noticed that in my dreams I’m able to do all kinds of things that I don’t know if it’s normal. Plus, I’m able to remember dreams from years ago. For example, one of my dream I had awhile back I was able to tell someone about a funny incident that happened to me in real life because in my dream that person and I were reunited. I also was able to tell her that I dreamt about her often in this dream. I’m really interested in wanting to know if there’s more to dreams and is there some type of connection to the person who’s dreaming and the dreams in any way? ~Xiong, South Korea and US

ANSWER: A human is a soul having a physical experience. Some aspects of the soul never completely come into the enclosure of the body. While a physical body requires rest, relaxation, and regeneration to maintain health, the soul never sleeps or rests.

Once the physical body falls into a “sleep” state, the soul goes traveling. What the soul becomes aware of during its journey, if it is recalled once the person awakens, is called a dream. Some people are unaware of what they did during their nightly travels, while others recall everything.

If a person is reliving an incident that has actually happened to them in wakeful living, they will replay exactly what they did or even what they wish they had done. They may feel compelled to share something in which they think others would be interested.

A soul may wish to go back to another existence they had and either relive the events or reunite with souls who shared that life. Some go a place where they can study about their powers and abilities so they may enact them in their waking state.

Lucid dreaming is being able to transport oneself to a particular location you wish to visit, or an event you want to enjoy.  Dream yoga is a term some use to describe a nighttime endeavor to learn more about one’s spiritual journey and how their chosen life lessons are progressing.

You can ask your unconscious to do certain things while you sleep, and ask it to allow you to remember what you have done, and where you have gone, when you awaken.