Why all the negative people?

QUESTION: Masters I want to know why I am finding living in this world very difficult? I can’t come across positive people – every single person in the family and outside the family is rejecting me and most of them are bullying me and I am finding it hard to live. Why is this happening to me even though I have done no wrong to them? ~Humaira, UK

ANSWER: Another person cannot hurt you unless you allow them to do so. What people say to you cannot affect you unless you give credence to their words. You must accept that they know what they are talking about for it to have an impact. To be bullied, you must believe others are better, more knowledgable, or stronger than you. All souls come from the same Source and are made of the same material; some have just chosen to test that fact in differing ways.

Negativity attracts negativity, so examine your own feelings. You thrive in a negative environment because that is what you believe you deserve. You don’t see yourself as loveable and don’t return love to others. That creates a negative atmosphere, which draws more negativity into it. Right now you don’t accept that there are positive, loving people anywhere near you.

Start meditating and placing yourself into a safe space where no one else can enter without your permission. Within that space, invite your guides and ask them to help you protect yourself from any negative energy being directed toward you. Have them help you feel the unconditional loving energy of the universe. Then practice filling and surrounding the area with it and letting the positive love energy draw more positivity to you.

Start envisioning that same unconditional love being directed to the people with whom you come in contact. Supply the intention to them that they too might wish to live in positive love.

Do not engage in any arguments with others, because that is the way people pull your positive self away and replace it with negative hatred. Everyone creates their own reality. What do you want? Start shaping a world of positivity.