What is a normal life?

QUESTION: Masters it has been many years and I’m still stuck. I wondered why people are able to go through the normal way of life. Find a guy get married and start a family? I can’t imagine nor accept this way of life. While I’d like to lead a different life by throwing the towels going somewhere on my own, I realize I have no courage. If so, I should follow the crowd in the way of life. What good am I? ~Happy, Singapore

ANSWER: What is normal? Since every soul chooses their own path, how can there be a normal? The term is used by judgmental society to rate and grade citizens and encourage them to comply with what society thinks is the way things should be. On the spiritual journey, there is no right or wrong and there is no normal.

A soul may wish to experience a life where they are only concerned with learning who they are and what powers and abilities they possess as a piece of Source. That doesn’t require that they even acknowledge anyone else sharing the planet with them, and they may never need to interact with others.

Families are the way society propagates. People are taught that reproducing themselves is normal because society would cease to exist if no one had children. But if everyone participated in that model, then no soul could learn about homosexuality, transgender love, or abandonment and loneliness. These are all valid life lessons and are outside what society would say is normal.

Following the crowd is saying that they know more about why you came to Earth than you do. How is that possible? Did they plan your soul’s journey for you? I don’t think so. Do what feels like something you can learn from. Explore the possibilities. You can do anything if you have faith that you can.

Stop being so negative. Decide what you would really like to accomplish. Spend some time figuring out the way to do it, and then take one step at a time toward the goal. Everything is a choice, so if you think you can’t do something, you never will be able to do it. Allow yourself to love yourself enough to bring your dreams to fruition.