Alcohol and spiritualism

QUESTION: Masters please explain and provide the specific negative aspects of drinking alcohol in terms of spiritual attunement and attainment. What exactly is so bad about it? I enjoy drinking alcohol, but my guides absolutely demand that I cease drinking any and ALL alcohol. Even one glass of wine infuriates them, despite the fact that numerous studies over many years show multiple benefits of moderate alcohol drinking to the health of the human body, psyche, mood, partnership intimacy and social cohesion. Nearly all high-level spiritualists are teetotalers and ingrain this into their followers. Also explain why, if it’s so critical to spiritual light to be a teetotaler, so many teetotalers I know are such dark humans. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Every soul inhabiting a human body has a differing experience with alcohol and other intoxicating substances, depending partially on the lessons chosen for that lifetime. Human bodies are affected by any chemical substance with which they come into contact via consumption, inhalation, or injection. The resulting effects are unique to a particular body, depending on whatever else is impacting it at the same time.

There is no right or wrong answer to your question, nor is there a single directive as to alcohol’s impact on spiritual enlightenment. In understanding connection to Source energy, one needs to realize that there are many ways to communicate. Sensing, or feeling, taking in the energy, is the surest way to establish a firm joining.

The body’s ability to engage with energy may be influenced by the activity occurring in its nerve endings. Some people are critically affected by ingestion of alcohol and lose their “fine touch” for what is around them. That makes it difficult, or impossible, to sense nonphysical beings, particularly if they are not strong. Thus, some psychics and mediums don’t consume alcohol because it deadens their connections.

An intoxicant can also pose the danger of reducing one’s inhibitions so that discarnates can convince the person to allow them to enter into the contact. There is no reason to fear, however, if one is enjoying a drink with no intention to reach outside themselves for a conversation in the ether.

Most guides have also lived many human lives, and their experiences on Earth can color the information they convey to you. If they had unpleasant drinking events, or their belief systems forbade alcohol, they will condemn it for you. Guides give advice based upon their own experiences, not some absolute fact. See what resonates with you – you have freedom of choice.

Your mentioned that high-level spiritualists follow a practice of “purity,” but that is a personal choice, not a necessity. It is influenced by societal, ego-based judgment, which is not a part of spirituality. Most are also vegan, believing they should not ingest anything with a face. Most of these practices originate in Eastern philosophies where this lifestyle is practiced. It is not necessary. You will notice many “purists” are also fanatics, imploring all to follow their lead. Be yourself.